The scope of Digital Marketing in India

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India is one of the largest countries in the world (tenth largest) and also has one of the largest growing economies in the world. Digital is a huge part of the Indian economy, whether it be by product, information, design, content or marketing.  Because India is so huge and so on top of the digital trend, it means the scope for Digital Marketing is enormous.

There are many careers that one can apply for in the Digital Marketing industry.  But before you get a job in the Digital World you need to learn and have a diploma or recognised certificate in Digital Marketing.  If you choose the right course, you can learn how to design a website or a web page.  You can learn about content and how to write it, and how to place the photographs.  Most importantly, you can learn how to get that website out into the market so that people see it, click on it and ultimately, learn or buy from it.  This is by learning all about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and how to use things like Google Ads and Adsense.


So, why are more people not doing Digital Courses?  Well, they are starting.  Millenials in particular have realised that the Digital Market is the right career for them. It is a career where one is guaranteed work, especially because everything that we kow, and we mean everything, is being digitalised.  Think about your phones.  You can talk to people on them, read books on them, shop on them, listen to music, track your health, find directions, book a holiday and find a Digital Marketing Course!  


One can learn about Digital Marketing either by doing an online course or attending a college.    The way you do it depends on the time and the budget you have.  But given that everything in India is going digital, do not be left behind.  Assure yourself of a job.  Learn digital.  Digital marketing is the future.


If you look at India and the way business is going, digital, it makes perfect sense to look at a career not just in the marketing industry anymore but in the digital marketing industry.  Digital is changing all the time and it is no longer sufficient to do a bit of reading and think you know about blogging, social media, wordpress, google ads, search engine optimization or how to do it.  And if you become a digital marketing expert, which you can do through an online course even, you can earn a lot of money, close to 25 K per month.  


Go and do a google search or look at Linked-In.  There are so many jobs out there for people who are specialist in Digital Marketing.  They offer great salaries but they want a diploma.  There are tons of jobs available that include:-


Digitial marketers.

Social media specialists.

Analytic specialists.

Digital marketing managers.

Digital strategists.


At Indian schools students are taught a little bit about Digital Marketing but not how to do it.  They may have some theoretical knowledge but not the skills. A Digital Marketing course will give you the skills to put Digital Marketing into action, and to get results.  Remember, it’s all about results.  YOu can design a beautiful website, and a digital marketing course will help you do that, but you also need to get people to read it.  A digital marketing course will teach you to optimize your skills.

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