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Digital Marketing is a great career-oriented course. One almost cannot imagine an organization or any other form of business thrive without taking help of Digital Marketing. Whiter its small shop, small business or the large one, Digital Marketing has been embraced by all business groups. Various online tutorials, books and other forms of knowledge base are also available to learn about this Digital Marketing techniques.

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angular JS1. Maintained and developed by Google and Powered by Microsoft:


Angular is developed and maintained by Internet giant Google. Unlike other frameworks which are either developed by community or individual, this framework is brainchild of Google developer. So, if any developer

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Means Stack is modern, dynamic and performance-based web and mobile apps development technologies in which JavaScript is the main language mainly used.

MEAN stack is the acronym of:

Mongo DB: Its open source and fr

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JAVA which is a well-known and powerful programming language was developed by Sun Microsystems. The credit goes to James Gosling for starting this language which was released in 1995 as core component of Sun Microsystems’ Java platform (Java 1.0 [J2SE]).

The latest release of the Java Standard Edition is Java SE 8. With the

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Python training in KolkataPython is an easy programming language which can be learnt by beginners as well as experienced developer. Though, it’s relatively a new language, but
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Smart Phones India is standing on the threshold of Digital change era. Or we can say the country has already entered into Digital era. In terms of Digital era, India is not same as before. Also the IT industry of India is a world recognized industry. Because of fast growth of Digital Marketing, many new employment opportunities doors got also opened. And more and more people are connecting to this industry.

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digital-marketing-training-institute[1] The way that consumers engage online has changed completely.  The Internet has changed the way everybody does everything, and Digital marketing has increased beyond all expectations.  People do research online, they shop online, they review online and they market online.  We buy and sell online, we tell our friends what we buy and sell online and we find new things to buy and sell online daily.


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What is Artificial IntelligenceTechnological change has happened ridiculously quickly and there are new innovations all the time.  Just as we are getting used to Social Media marketing, Live Video or Data Visualization, suddenly w
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Digital Marketing course The business world has woken up to the power of Digital Marketing.  They are learning that the Internet is the most important tool out there.  It doesn’t matter if they’re a small time greengrocer, a doctor or a giant legal firm.  Everyone is now using the Internet to market their product.


It does not mean they are doing it
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