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Online business is booming.  It is estimated that half of the population does its research and then its shopping online.  This ranges from buying groceries to clothing to cars to anything really.  If it is Christmas – ugly Christmas sweaters.  A child’s birthday – books or toys. Something special for an anniversary – perfume or chocolates or a frock.  You can buy everything and anything online and the Internet is the right place to do it.


And because you w

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Digital Marketing Opportunities Digital Marketing is a world that is growing and changing all the time.  Companies or small business need to evolve with the times to stay ahead, and need to be aware of new trends and markets to stay ahead of the competition.  Digital Marketing specialists are in high deman
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Digital Marketing has taken over and McKinley Marketing Partners have completed online surveys (online, of course, everything is digital these days) to see which jobs are the most sought after.  Lately, it is everything digital.  Digital Marketing jobs are the jobs which is most sought after  in marketing departments, along with content creators for digital sites.

One very important thing came out of the survey was that the demand is exceeding the supply.  More people are needed as Digit

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Digital Marketing is not expensive and it can even be free! You do need to have a digital strategy and know how you are targeting clients and who you are targeting, but you do not have to spend a fortune. In fact, if you have a good Digital Marketing person, or you are a good Digital Marketing person yourself, you can do your online marketing for next to nothing.

Here are few favorite FREE digital marketing tools that you can use, starting right now:-


Google Analytics<

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Writing is not east.Good writing is crafted. Each word is thought about,each word is put

together carefully and each paragraph is a work of art.  Writing is edited, and edited again, until it is just perfect.


But writing is not only about craft.  Writing needs to be accessible.  If you are writing about academics, for academics, it needs to be written in an academic manner.  If you are writing a recipe book, the recipes need to be appealing and seductive towards the cook.

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Digital Marketing is the most important form of marketing.  No-one disagrees with that.  And yet there are many who would like to tell you that SEO is dead and there are different and new ways to get your message across.  Well, let me tell you one thing.  The new ways are all forms of SEO, and also, SEO is the most important tool you could use to get traffic towards your business / website.


And ultimately, it is all about traffic.  Digital marketing tools, digital channels an

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You can go online easily and read up about Digital Marketing.  In fact, we suggest you do. We also suggest you practice.  Make yourself familiar with all the Digital Marketing tools that are out there on the market, many of which are free.  And if you find that you are a bit confused, or you want to get a foot into the market easily, do a Digital Marketing diploma or degree.


There are many guides on the market and many free guides at that.


Each guide will give yo

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Search Engine Optimisation is always going to come into the conversation when you are working on a Digital Marketing Campaign.  And, let’s face it, everything today is digital.  All big companies have websites and mostly, smaller companies have them too.  If you want to stay ahead of the game, you need to get your digital information out there to the people who are ultimately going to buy from you and support you.


This means you need to have a brillian

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Voice search is on the rise.  Think how often you have sat with a friend or in a restaurant and you’ve heard them Ask Siri, Ask Google or use Amazon Echo or Microsoft Cortana.  It is pretty easy to pick up your phone and ask where the cl

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