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Top 5 reasons why should you use modern fonts

The best and most popular blogs online are known as WordPress blogs. This is because more than 85% of bloggers in the world use WordPress. Comparing with other websites, WordPress offers many features in their blogs. The font comes in handy here. This is because if the Font is readable by the customer, then there will be more people who will be visiting the webpage. The font is an important factor and it plays a key role here. It does not need to attractive. Just need to be in good quality. Let us take a look at the top 5 reasons of using modern fonts.

1 . Readability of the text

Readability of the font comes in the first place. This is because; the Font has to be readable for the user and for all those who will be visiting the page. Just as mentioned before, it should be simple yet readible so that no one has problems in reading and understanding the font you use for your webpage.

2 . Standing out

Secondly, making a change is needed. The font should be able to stand out among the page. In the past people used to develop webpages with different kinds of fonts. But in the world today it is that one font which is unique as well is used in the webpage. The font has to be standing out in the webpage.

3 . Getting an uncommon Font

Thirdly taking out the common fonts should be done. As we all know that the most commonly used fonts in the world today are Arial and Times new Roman. The trend now a day is changing more into a handwritten font. So try using a handwritten font and attract more people into your webpage.

4 . Making your fonts bold

Fourthly the font should be bold and looking good. There is a psychological factor when it comes to bold font. Which is that people tend to read more if the font is interesting enough. So if the font that you are using is beautiful, people will read more and recommend your website more.

5 . Suit the reader

Finally the fifth reason as to why you should use modern fonts is because it should suit the reader and the design. The font should also be able to match with the background theme of the blog. If not you should do minor adjustments such as font colour, size or even the style.
The main idea is to make a change so that your website could get more traffic. These little factors go a very long way. So use modern fonts and let your website stand firm with the rest. The design elements come in handy here and you could follow a course from a reliable institute which offers you the best education on website development and design. Choose acesoftech which is a premier Indian institute. You could find more information on www.acesoftech.com you will never regret this change. Join in and enrol today.

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