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There is great demand for Digital Marketers and Content writers

Digital Marketing has taken over and McKinley Marketing Partners have completed online surveys (online, of course, everything is digital these days) to see which jobs are the most sought after.  Lately, it is everything digital.  Digital Marketing jobs are the jobs which is most sought after  in marketing departments, along with content creators for digital sites.
One very important thing came out of the survey was that the demand is exceeding the supply.  More people are needed as Digital marketers for company or services.  This means there is huge potential as a career, for you.  Especially if you like the online world.
Here are a few important notes:-
  1. Almost half of all companies now hire Digital Marketers.
  2. Small companies do their own digital marketing.
  3. People who cannot afford a digital marketing can do a diploma or get a certificate in digital marketing and start doing their own Digital Marketing for their companies.
  4. There will always be jobs as digital world is growing faster than ever before.
  5. Next year more than half of marketing jobs will be in the digital world.
  6. Digital, together with content and curation, and a strategy to tie them all together, are very important.
  7. SEO, lead generation and marketing automation are words to become familiar with.
There are people who will be digital marketing experts which entails a knowledge of Search Engine Optimization, Google Search, Google Ads, Social Media including Facebook and Facebook Ads, Twitter, Wordpress and any form of Social Media that suits the company.
There are also people who  are experts in communication, good with words, able to write content for websites and blog which is SEO friendly.
Digital Marketing is not the name of a small area but  it  can encompass a portion of a campaign or an entire campaign.  Either way, it is being used to sell, get messages across, learn, educate, and as mentioned, is the fastest way to grow your company and to boost your sales.
People with Digital marketing skills are in demand.  You may be able to navigate your way around a website or a blog and load the content and the ads.  You may be able to develop the content or make or load visuals.  You may have brilliant keywords and key phrases.  Either way, you, as a Digital Marketer, are going to be needed.
Anyone with digital skills, graphic, web, copy writing, and graphic design are going to be in demand.  Apparently according the survey, Digital Marketers are being snapped up at a heady rate, and very few Digital Marketers are looking for new opportunities.
The beauty of Digital Marketing is that  you can do it from anywhere. It can be the office is a big, busy, creative, bustling agency or it can be a small  coffee shop or even  your bedroom.  The scopes within Digital Marketing are huge, that means you can either  work alone as a freelance, choose a Company or work as a Digital Marketeer in any company.
So, the conclusion is  that there is great scope for Digital Marketing. If you are innovative, creative,  and passionate  and  smart and know your way around a computer - check it out as a career.
I myself have been in Digital marketing field  for last 11 years and have seen a sharp increase in Digital Marketing career. In fact in coming time it will unimaginable to think a business without Digital Marketing.
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