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Search engine still can be optimisation the most important thing out there and don’t let them fool you otherwise

Digital Marketing is the most important form of marketing.  No-one disagrees with that.  And yet there are many who would like to tell you that SEO is dead and there are different and new ways to get your message across.  Well, let me tell you one thing.  The new ways are all forms of SEO, and also, SEO is the most important tool you could use to get traffic towards your business / website.
And ultimately, it is all about traffic.  Digital marketing tools, digital channels and digital media are all about integrated marketing. This means that Google search results are more relevant than ever.  Everyone is using the internet to find everything.  And it is Search Engine Optimisation that will have your company or product popping up, with the use of SEO, when someone does a Google search.
Apparently in the United States alone one person will use Google roughly 2400 times per month!  Say that figure aloud.  Two thousand four hundred times per month.  It seems obscene but think what you have just done to find this article.  You may well have Googled SEO.  Or Digital Marketing.  If people are using Google so often, you want to be a part of that.
Of course times have changed.  Ten years ago, keywords were the most important thing.  But, don't let that think they are not important today. They are, but key phrases are also a lot more relevant.  The Google algorithms have worked out what works when people search.  Keywords are good. Key phrases are good too.  You need a combination.
Ten years ago, visuals were not so important.  Today, they are vital.  People want to see what they are getting.  They want something they can look at quickly and then make a decision.  Google visuals are a huge part of SEO.  So, it is a combination, the words, the phrases and the images.
There were online adverts ten years ago and there is a lot more online advertising today.  It is just a lot cleverer than it was ten years ago.  Now online ads can target people, age, gender and country.  They’re a big part of SEO.
Content is important and it is important within SEO.  Content, especially long form, will find people finding you.  You can put your keywords and phrases into your content.  You can ad visuals to your content.  People want to read and see.  They want to learn, to know what they are buying, why you are better than your competitor. And part of content is promotion. They want those ‘Two for One’ deals, or ten percent discounts.  Use your content to draw customers.  SEO, it all falls under the same category.
The bottom line is this.  Spend time on your Digital Marketing.  Create a strong online presence.  Be visual.  Be interactive.  Use SEO wisely.  Watch your business grow.