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Today in the world there are many programming languages available and if you are thinking of a career in programming you have a long way to go to. The need for programmers in the world keeps developing and companies today are finding for good programmers who could deliver quality work. PHP is known as a server side language and through this you could develop and host a website. .NET in the other hand is an easy platform for programming and several companies use programs built by .NET. All major companies start hiring .NET programmers.

1 . Great for Open source developers

If we compare the difference between PHP vs ASP .NET the first difference we could see is that PHP is a great way to go ahead for an open source developer. Clients will be there always behind you asking you to develop their webpages and edit them and also update the pages. So you will definitely have customers who are looking for you.

2 . NET is cooperate

On the other hand if you are thinking of earning more money in a corporate life where you work in a company and then develop software’s for people in the company, then ASP.NET should be your choice. This is because many companies which are in major base keep looking for ASP.NET developers. If you get an opportunity to work in a big company that means the level that you could grow could be higher as well.

3 . Developers have more Freedom in PHP

Another difference between PHP vs ASP.NET is that in PHP, you have your freedom. And in ASP.Net you need to stick to the work. Many people recommend in learning both PHP and ASP.NET as it could improve the work of a person. The potential level of getting a job in knowing these 2 programming languages could be higher than just knowing 1.

4 . The need for more .NET developers

Getting a developer itself could be another difference. You could always get a PHP developer but getting a .NET developer is quite low compared to the number of PHP developers in the world. Comfortable wise, people try to stay in their comfort zone by learning PHP only. This is because ASP.NET you need to think out of your box. But it is worth after all.
Some developers say that there is no huge difference between PHP vs ASP.NET. It is all the same but the syntax could be different. When it comes to problem solving and logic, it will all be the same way where you need to form. The processes all become the same. Furthermore as we all know that PHP could only develop websites and ASP.NET could help to develop Software’s. There are many programming languages in the world and it is you to select the best. Look into all options available and select the best choice for you. You also need to follow some courses on this for more knowledge. We will recommend you to Acesoftech. They are an Indian institute especially for web designing. They also offer many courses on this topic and they got a good teaching staff backing them. So you are ready for a treat. Log on to www.acesoftech.com today and enrol for the next intake.

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