Nine best programming languages to learn

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The market of web development is growing hotter as the days are progressing and with the introduction of Artificial intelligence and Data Science, the skilled developers are in extreme demand as job opportunities are continuously increasing. So it is wiser decision to upskill yourself in few programming languages, so that you can have edge over others and being prepared for the opportunities that comes along. So, let’s begin –

  1. Python– Python is a high-level programming language which is open source and with absolute readable syntax through which it becomes easy to understand. It has great active community and GUI based support. Its design language is very powerful and it is integrated with C++ and seamlessly outsource the CPU intensive work to C++. Acesoftech provides advanced and Industrial Python Training in Kolkata.
  2. JavaScript– It is a great scripting language that works well both with front end and back end of the web technologies. It is used to create dynamic content of a website. It conforms to the specifications of ECMAScript. Budding developers must enhance their coding skills by learning JS based frameworks such as React.js, Angular and Vue.js. Acesoftech Offers Angular ReactJs and NodeJs Training in Kolkata.
  3. PHP– It is a low-level programming language which is relatively easy to understand. Created in 1990, it is used for writing server-side scripts. It is really popular among web developers as 80% of them uses it for building mobile and desktop applications and it really works well with cross platform apps. However, its usage is declining but it can be integrated with other tools and databases. We provide Advanced PHP Training in Kolkata.
  4. C#- It was developed by Microsoft and is regarded as best language for .NET framework’s# is more like C++ and most powerful programming language suited for applications in Windows and Android. It is open source and object oriented language which has extensive library and inter operative codes which makes it highly robust .It is used particularly by Microsoft developers.
  5. KOTLIN– JetBrains developed Kotlin as general-purpose language which is flexible enough to work on mobile and desktop applications. Initially Kotlin was built to get better version of Java and even many web developers are convinced of its ability to support other functioned programming language. Kotlin forms the base of almost all the Google applications as it is highly compatible with Java.
  6. SWIFT- It is gaining lot of popularity due to its elegant syntax and less coding hassles. It is extensively used by iOS developers as it fully supports objective C language. Swift can be called as APPLE language as majority of Apple applications extensively used Swift such as WordPress and Mozilla Firefox.
  7. GO– It is also known as Golang and was created by Google in 2007 for cross platform apps and API’s. It is gradually gaining popularity. It has the ability to handle massive codebases and network systems. GO is easy to learn and understand if you are familiar with at least one language. It is mainly used for Google applications and Data Scientists prefer to use it because of its agility and flexibility.
  8. RUBY- It is touted as the easiest programming language from the standpoint of beginner as the syntax is quite human friendly and it can be learned in short period of time. It supports functional and procedural notation and Ruby on Rails (ROR) is the popular framework used by Ruby developers. Moreover, It has active community support.
  9. R– It is one of the programming languages that is used for statistical processing of both structured and unstructured data. If you like Maths, then it is best for you as it requires basic understanding of fundamentals such as Analysis and linear and nonlinear modelling and visualization. It is ideal for desktop and machine learning applications. However, it is slower than python but learning R language is worth your time and effort.


GETTING STARTED– The field of web development is widening its horizon and the getting expertise in one of the programming languages is sure shot to your road to software companies. It’s important not to get caught up in whirlwind as it is really essential that a programmer also possess problem solving skills and abstract thinking to visualize and work upon the solutions. It is also necessary to obtain certification of the programming language you are willing to invest your time on.

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