In less than a year, learn how to become a graphic designer


In less than a year, learn how to become a graphic designer


Anyone can pursue Graphic Design as a career without having a degree in less than one year. It took far more than a year to become a graphic designer in the past. You were first required to finish a three-year degree, go for an internship, and then start job applications. Nowadays, it’s typical to find a sizable percentage of designers working in organizations without a formal degree. Learn best quality graphics design at graphic design courses in Kolkata.

How can you emulate their success?

Read this article for advice on being a graphic designer in less than a year.

Join the Shillington graphic design program

You can complete your graphic design programs at Shillington in 3-months full-time or 9-months part-time to get skills that will place you at the top in the job market. Shillington offers online and on-campus courses that are available to anybody in the world. It has branches in the UK, Australia, and the USA. In Shillington, you will graduate with practical industrial skills and a portfolio for job interviews and applications.

The number of school dropouts and professionals determined to improve their degrees by studying graphic skills has increased.

Read some basic books.

Design is the process of making anything that performs a particular function, whereas art is solely concerned with aesthetics. The following books are excellent to start with if you want to understand the basics of design thinking.

Graphic Design School, by David Dabner, and Sandra Stewart targets aspiring designers who are unable to enroll for college. The authors define it as a foundational course for graphic artists.

Graphic Design School covers composition, layout, hierarchy, typography, color, and grid structure in the first section. The second segment addresses studio procedures and production and puts those fundamentals into practice.

Graphic Design; the New Basics

Written by Ellen Lupton and Jennifer Cole Phillips and was updated in 2015. It is a book for entrants into graphic design. It uses visual demonstrations to explain the principles of the graphics concisely and straightforwardly.

Drew De Soto’s Know Your Onions is a recommended piece. It is a guide and contains relevant information for a graphic designer and blank spaces where you can add your ideas.

Oh, Sh*T What Now? Is an excellent book by Craig Oldham. That book answers the questions commonly asked by designers to be, like how to get a job, make money, and get better.


Extra Bold.

It’s a book by several writers containing comedy, a zine, and a manifesto. The book carries interviews, biographies, and essays from relevant experts that serve to inspire you in your design journey.

Gain Knowledge from Podcasts

Podcasts are a terrific method to augment your knowledge. Podcasts are a good idea when you are busy or commuting as you continually get knowledge and inspiration.


It is a 16- audio series from Shillington. It’s a terrific piece that helps graduates all over the world. It has advice that can help graduates to deal with challenges and navigate from seeking a job to getting a job.

Design Matters is among the earlier podcast in the world containing advice on graphics.

Make it in design is a fantastic book that contains inspiration from creative designers who were bold enough to follow their hearts into graphics.

On Design by Justyna Green is an inspiring piece containing conversations of leading designers and entrepreneurs. You will learn what inspires successful designers.

Creative Boom podcast, on the other hand, will let you know the lows and highs of designers, photographers, and illustrators. You will learn from insights and advice


Attempt New Things

Unlike other professions like law and medicine, graphic design does not need a qualification to practice. Go out there to seek opportunities as a freelancer to sharpen your skills.

As a new freelancer, many clients will not trust you for their projects. It will therefore be hard to get the first job. You can go through that by posting your projects online to showcase your abilities.

You will need to be more proactive to get clients. The best way will be to ask a friend if they may need your graphic designs. You may be surprised how many will come for your services.

Examine Job Boards

Once you have the necessary experience, you can apply for jobs, internships, and freelance opportunities. Ensure you apply for jobs from many areas to increase your chances of success.