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Four major benefits why should you learn Digital Marketing course in Kolkata

India is a huge part of the Digital Revolution and by the year 2020 almost every single company in the world, including India, will have an online presence.  Right now in 2017, all big companies have websites or web pages and almost everyone has a presence on Social Media. There are digital Apps for almost anything - health, food, movies, travel, work - and the best way to get yourself or your Company out there in the marketis to market yourself digitally.  

Here are four reasons why you should consider a career in Digital Marketing.
  1. You will be assured of a job.  If you have a look now at a recruitment agency, or on LinkedIn, there are tons of jobs being offered.  These include looking for someone to run a social media campaign, develop a website, strategize digital marketing, work on Search Engine Optimisation, all of the afore-mentioned or to manage all of the aforementioned.  If your skills are good, you will be successful.  Digital Marketing is the present and the future; everyone is doing it. In fact, the digital economy is growing at least ten times quicker than any other economy.
  2. Working in Digital Marketing is actually fun.  Millennials have all grown up with the Internet, it is not something foreign to them.  And millennials have grown up with social media.  Most young people have already designed their own blog or website by the time they turn twenty; doing it as a profession is a walk in the park.  Doing a course, online or at college, will give you that special edge to take your professionalism and skill into the workplace.
  3. You do not have to work for a Company.  If you looked at LinkedIn, there are tons of companies both big and small, looking for Digital Marketing professionals. But if you prefer to work on your own, or to freelance, it is really easy to open your own Digital Marketing Company.  Once you have the skills, which you learn doing the courses, you can design websites and do the content too, you can create web pages, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and Instagram accounts.  You can easily sell your skills if you know about Search Engine Optimization, and guess what - you only have to advertise yourself digitally online!  This is exactly what we are talking about.  Hardly anyone uses paper magazines or newspapers anymore.  It is all about digital.  Digital advertising and marketing hardly costs anything.  But as an expert you can charge a lot of money to create somebody elses digital campaign.
  4. There are so many different kinds of jobs out there for Digital experts.  You could become an analytics manager, an email marketing manager, social media expert, E-commerce manager or a digital agency account director.  You can get into coding or web design development, Adwords and Adsense and most importantly Search Engine Optimization, which means your work is varied.  Your work will stay exciting, current, edgy and always in demand.
  You will make a lot of money if you have done a Digital Marketing certificate.  Its worthwhile getting one, no matter what career you are going into.  Even Doctors today have a digital presence.  Everyone has a digital presence.  The fact that you are reading this article means you have a digital presence too.  And everyone is on Social Media. If you hail from Kolkata and searching for Digital Marketing course in Kolkata, acesoftech Academy is the best Digital Marketing training institute in Kolkata where latest SEO and Digital Marketing course is provided by professionals.  
Your skills in Digital Marketing mean you will always be in demand.  And in todays world when things sometimes feel fragile or precarious, we want to feel assured of a job.  With a career in Digital Marketing, you are assured.