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CMS vs Framework

There is one question in the world today that many people are facing and that is to know the difference between CMS and Framework. In this article we will be elaborating more on CMS and also Framework so that you could get the best idea of it.

If it is an application on Framework we could say that it is something which we use to build the web application. You are able to see the classes, methods, events and etc. It is basically the frame of the whole website. You could also call it the foundation of the website. In that foundation you will be developing your webpage according to the limitations that you have developed.

CMS compared to Framework is something different. The application is already developed with a set of features. Users get to change the content as they want. The colour, Frames, background, content all could be changed. So it is basically a developed application.

When we put both together we could come with a conclusion that a framework does not come with an application, but a CMS comes with one.

If we take a look at the advantages of CMS, we could see that you do not need to have any knowledge to know more about it. Even if you are a starter, you could just follow the flow in building your own website. There are many examples such as Joomla, magento where you could just simply get the program and modify your own content according to your needs just by selecting your favourite pages. The program will generate the code for you. The user will enjoy designing their website through this because there is no stress in getting the proper coding.

Framework on the other hand has a different set of advantages. To know more about framework you will need to learn about it at first. There are courses which teach you framework. You will need other knowledge such as from books, videos and many others. You will also need to know the relation between the functions, procedures so that you could build the program of your dreams. A framework is known as a protocol more than just a structure. There are disadvantages of using framework. If you miss out in any of the coding, you might be looking for a solution even for days and this could be really stressful as well.