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Are you looking for career in Digital Marketing?

If you are thinking about a career in Digital Marketing, you are already on the right track.   The world has gone Digital and almost every company, irrespective of size, has a presence on the internet.  And if they dont have a presence on the internet, they are definitely going to in the next few years.   So what exactly is Digital Marketing?  It is the use of the internet for advertising, marketing or promoting a product or a company.  It can be via a website, a web page, social media such as Facebook or Twitter, Pnterest or Instagram.   The digital economy is growing faster than  the traditional economy, especially in India.  The digital market is not a difficult one to get into.  You can sign up for a course, even an online digital course, that will teach you the various aspects related to digital marketing.  It may be learning about website design, it could be about social media marketing, coding, SEO, driving traffic towards a website or webpage, and / or all of the above.   Lets think about the internet for a minute.  If you have a product - washing soap, chocolate, novels - or a Company - travel agent, car retailer, hotel - you want people to know about it. The days of spending huge amounts of money on advertisements in magazines or newspapers are growing to an end. The days of handing out pamphlets to sell your product are almost over.  Paper advertising is expensive and these days we look after the environment.  The only and the best way to advertise now, is online.  On the internet.   This means there will always be jobs in Digital Marketing. To get a career in Digital Marketing you do need to have some experience. This means doing a course, learning about the various aspects of Digital Marketing, learning how to design websites, or write the copy for them, learning about Google and Search Engine Optimisation, and then learning how to get websites or web pages out into the ether.   This is an important thing to remember.  It is all very well having a website that looks beautiful but you need to have the right coding behind it and you need to get the website out on to the internet market.  If someone googles Indian honeymoon, you want your (or your clients) website to pop up.  This is something that you learn.  There are so many ways of getting internet traffic - Google Ads, Adsense, Pay Per Click adverts, all various parts of Search Engine Optimisation.   The truth is that kids today grow up with the internet and kids learn, almost automatically, how to use it.  The use of Digital is second nature, but even so, a Digital Marketing course is vital if you want to get a job in the Digital Industry.  It is not enough to go to school and show off your school certificate in the hope of getting a job.  You need to study, you need to do a reputable Digital Marketing Course where you learn about strategizing, generating leads and sales, and where you understand and can use all the latest technology at hand, increasing and optimising marketing and productivity.   Taking part in a Digital Marketing Course  in Kolkata does not have to be expensive.  Look at all the options. Know that you can do a Digital Marketing Course online if you dont have the time or funds to go to university or college.  You can work at the same time as studying and improving your Digital Marketing skills.  Sign up now.  Digital Marketing is the present and the future and you know you will get a job and have a successful career.