2022 Salary for Web Developer: Job Description, Relevant Skills


2022 Salary for Web Developer: Job Description, Relevant Skills

What Are the Roles And Responsibilities Of A Web Developer?

A website developer is a technical professional who builds apps and websites to host on the internet. They work with graphic designers or product managers to program logic and design ideas to be compatible with web code. They ensure that apps and websites do not pose challenges to users. In this article, you will discover the responsibilities and roles performed by the web developer, their skills, and their paycheck in 2022.

  1. Web developers are responsible for the business’ website code, layout, and design. A web developer helps to maintain and keep the web or app to ensure it is user-friendly.
  2. Due to the popularity of online marketing, most companies seek the services of the app developer to create the site, align sites to the corporates plan, and redesign old and ineffective sites. Firms often update their webs to enable a new user-friendly experience.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), demand for website developers will rise by 8% from 2019 to 2029.

The Types of Roles of Web Developers

The following web developers play very critical roles.

  • Full-stack web developer
  • Front-end web developer
  • Back-end web developer

Back-End Website Developer

Professional back-end developers specialize in server-side scripting. They provide code for server-side systems when they work together with front-end developers. That code produces a personalized and smooth response to the end user’s request for a web.

Front-End Website Developer

Front-end web developers focus on the web’s structural design. They successfully mix website design’s functional, aesthetic, and graphical aspects to ensure absolute efficiency in all devices.

Full-Stack Developer

A full-stack website developer is the highest-paid professional developer. That is because they have expertise in both front-end and back-end programming. Learn web development and strengthen your future as a developer with web design training institutes in Kolkata.

Web developers can work and get compensation from the organization or work independently of their job descriptions.

Digital developers with vast experience can create, design, and optimize websites and apps from end to end. They are experts in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices and website programming languages.


Senior website developers head teams made up of younger professionals.

Essential Responsibilities of Website Developers

A web developer has the following responsibility

Making the Website via Programming (And Not No-Code Tools)

The main goal of a professional website expert is to write codes and create a website. Web experts use different programming skills and tools to bring quality results. They understand current trends in website development, ethics, and standards. Web developers keep a reusable, simple-to-debug, and understandable coding environment. They must update programs to maintain flexible coding frameworks.

1.  To Test Webs Before Deployment And Then Test

Developers often examine their webs to check the qualities or flaws early. Before launching the site, web developers must recheck codes for any possible bugs. Proper checking will avoid future flaws. To ensure that the qualities are fully adhered to, they also receive regular feedback from the client.

2.   Removing Bugs In The Website Code

Debugging makes a web more effective if the coding offer web visitors’ functionality. After debugging, website developers optimize codes to boost performance. The validation and testing of codes ensure that the code works as planned and the web continues to operate.

The evaluation, detection, and removal of mistakes lead to a good user experience.

3.   To Maintain the Web and Support the Firm on Web Updates

Organizations must ensure that they keep clients by responding faster to any concerns or feedback. Clients like apps and sites that load fast. Thus, website creators should ensure that each function is working. They should ensure that every security procedure is in order and promptly deal with anomalies.

4.   To Coordinate With Designers In Understanding And Executing Their Vision

Website creators coordinate with designers and creative specialists to get the target visual outcomes. That section of website development is vital for creating responsive products. Professional website developer works closely with web designers to guarantee the execution of crucial features of the program. The aim is to create uniformity throughout all website pages.

The designers and developers must work together transparently and share information amongst them. They both have a crucial role to do as designers curate the brands and graphics. However, the website developer deals with coding for visual components.

5.   To Connect the Database and Maintain Integrations

Data management is essential because most software manipulates a sizeable amount of data.

Using offline calls for data synchronization between remote databases and internal memory. For this reason, mobile developers should know about databases. SQLite is essential for mobile coding as it keeps data forever.

6.   Creation of a Responsive Design

A responsive web easily adapts to different screens like those of tablets, phones, and computers.

Website pages may appear broken when designs are not responsive, causing the low number of web visitors. Web developers must create a responsive web design as it plays a significant role in website development and it can facilitate the clients’ experience and increase conversions.

  1. They organize and display design specifications, work with visuals and understand coding languages like CSS, HTML, and PHP.
  2. They maintain documents for software and execute backup procedures in case the website crashes.


In brief, web developers create and maintain websites. They use their time creating code languages used in many mobile phones.

Web developers form and maintain and update and debug them.

Website Developer’s Essential Skill Requirements In 2022

A web developer requires a good portfolio and incredible knowledge of code languages like HTML. However, to excel in their career, they need the following skills:

Coding Language (Hard Skills)

A web developer needs to be proficient in the following coding languages:

  1. Cascading Style Sheet(CSS)

Web developers use this language to control the general appearance of sites component over many pages across.

  1. PHP 

It is a server scripting language used in HTML code, web frameworks, and online CMSs

  1. HTML5

It structures online content like messages, headers, and links.

  1. Java Script

It is the program that controls things like loading phones or websites.

A web developer must be proficient in frameworks such as ASP.NET and Angular.js.


  1. Logic And Analytical Thinking

The programing language works according to rules and data that is fed logically.

  1. Creative Thinking

Web designers must be creative because they will always meet complicated tasks. They need to come up with creative ways to solve the problem. They must come up with many alternatives.

  1. Fast Learner and Curious

Web developers need to stay abreast of any crucial changes in programing language, trends

  1. Know The Version Control System

Version control systems like Git are crucial in web development. Git used in detecting and correcting mistakes.

  1. Developers with SEO Skills.

Organizations like developers with skills in search engine optimization will help to pull more traffic into the company website, generating more sales as they will rank top in the search engine.

Web developers possess search engine skills to help firms to rank high in search engines to generate traffic.

  1. Developers Must Have Good Communication Skills.

Web developers must have good communication skills to share data with other team members. They must also pay attention to details. Web developers understand that little mistakes can result in big mistakes.

Salary for Web Developers In 2022

According to statistics from Glassdoor (September/15/2022), web developers in the USA earn an average of $ 104 080 per year. That is not true for all web developers. Salary is according to the following factors: expertise, academic levels, experience, training, and region.

The following is a breakdown of salaries of web developers in the USA according to Glassdoor:


  1. New or entry level of 1-3 years earn approximately $11946
  2. Experience of fewer than seven years receive $113927
  3. Senior developer with up to 10 years of experience earns $ 116,767 on average.

Digital marketers can get work from different areas from big companies and small firms that need online marketing services. Many companies provide various paychecks to web developers.


Digital marketing is gaining prominence daily as more companies seek digital presence. That means that every day, the demand for digital marketer’s increases. Some companies employ more web designers than others.  


Many organizations will covet web designers as time goes by because most business transactions have gone digital. The pay for web developers is equally competitive and will increase more in the coming days.