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MEAN STACK course @Acesoftech Academy

We are the first Training institute in Kolkata to start MEAN Stack course( Started the course in 2016).Since then we have taught several sutdents who are working in different parts of the country.

Advanced and project-based MEAN Stack Course

Our Mean Stack Course is Advanced and keeping in mind with the current industry.Learn this course to keep yourself ahead with the competitors.

Real live project

In this MEAN Stack Course,completing the project and making them live is not optional but compulsory.Students must complete at least two projects.

Professional and industry-expert Trainers

The MEAN STACK Training is delivered by the industry expert. This training is provided by our CEO Umar Sir, who himself is a long experienced I.T. expert.

Domain & Hosting

Once you complete the project,you will be provided hosting from our side so that you can host your project in a live domain. Live projects give you a real life-experience.

100% job assistance for successful candidates

Once you complete the course successfully, we provide 100% job assistance in the field of MEAN Stack.

Online resume and personal portfolio

If you are a fresher, we help you to build good resume also. That will help you to get better job.

Free Book(Soft Copy format) is provided

We provide soft-copy book for no-extra cost. This helps in understanding the subject in depth. The book as been written by the expert.

Most cost-effective course

If you compare course fee of our other competetor, you will see the diference. Our course fee is lowest in Kolkata.But, if you check the course content and quality, you will find better than others.



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Course Designed By Expert



Since MEAN Stack is relatively a new technology, so before you take this course it’s important that you should know if the course has been descend properly or not. Our MEAN stack course has been design by expert who has been working in this industry for more than 5 years. Our course has been designed by Mr. Asif Hussain and Umar Rahman. Asif hussain is a MEAN stack developer in Bangalore and working on this technology for last 5 years and have worked on several projects for international clients. The course is updated at regular basis so that you will get modern and updated MEAN STACK course. You will always get latest MEAN Stack training in Kolkata.


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learn coding

live project

live project


job ready





Our course material includes video, Books (Soft-copy) and source code. The book has been designed in such a way that you can read and understand in depth about the subject. In video, we have shown the coding and doing smaller projects so that you can learn at home by playing and re-winding. We update the book time-to-time and even your course is complete, you will always get updated and latest book. We share the book through Google drive so when we update the course material, you will always get updated course material. .


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Completing Projects

is compulsary for students ?

Learning does not complete unless you do real-time project. Our special focus is on project. First we provide the theoretical subject knowledge then we focus on real-time project. Since this is in industrial training, we make you to do at least 3 projects in this course. First a general 5 page project in Angular, second an e-commerce project in Angular with back-end any server side language and the third project will be Angular in front-end and NodeJs in back-end.


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live project

(1)  5 Pages static Angular Project

(2)  Angular Front PHP/MySql Back-End project

(3)  Angulr Front Node/Express/Mongo Db Backend

live project

how we provide

100% Job Assurance

So, if you learn MEAN Stack course in Kolkata properly from Acesoftech Academy, you would not have to worry about placement. Our placement cell will help you to get good job in Kolkata and also outside. If you complete the course sucessfully, we will provide you 100% placement assistance with good salary package.


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our student placements

Tanay Kundu

Hi, This is tanay kindu ,I have 3.5 years of experience. I took admission acesoftech in meanstack now i got placement in a reputate company. sir is very helpfull and always support us.

Sudipto Ghosh

Myself sudipto ghosh, I have six years experience in web development. I took admission in acesoftech academy in meanstack. I think this is the very good institute in kolkata..

Pramit Das

I have completed the meanstack course from acesoftech academy. I have done two projects.I have got placement in a reputed company in kolkata as a meanstack web developer.

Palash Samanta

Hi, I am palash samanta, i have two years plus experience in web development. i have learn meanstack course in acesoftech academy.teacher is very helpfull and i happy to learn.

Sourav Kr. Maiti

Hi, I am Saurav Kumar Maity and I am working at Indusnet Technologies. I am learning Mean Stack and the training is very good.

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10 Benefits of learning MEAN Stack Technology

If you are a Computer Science Graduate or you are an existing developer you might be wondering why you should learn Mean Stack Technology. Also what are the benefits of learning this course? Below I am mentioning 10 benefits of learning MEAN Stack.

Most important benefit is that you can develop latest and modern website and mobile Apps using these technologies. You will learn this with a single language called ‘JavaScript’ which is one of the most popular programing languages in the world.

If you are a fresherand learn this technology, rest assured that you are learning the latest technology which is going to last for long because this MEAN Stack technology is backed by Google and Microsoft.

If you are an existing website developer, you can add this technology in the armour of your website development skill and you can excel yourself from your other colleagues.

You are an existing developer and your salary growth has stopped? Don’t worry, learn MEAN Stack and then either ask for salary hike in your existing company or join another company as a MEAN Stack developer for better future.

Self-up gradation is necessary in I.T. Field. So, if you are PHP, ASP.NET, JAVA or Python developer, you should learn this technology and use your existing skill along with this modern technology.

You need not learn many languages, you just learn one Language. ‘JavaScript ‘and then the whole MEAN Stack technology is yours. Because Angular, Node, MongoDB and Express, all use single language and that is ,'JavaScript'.

Working on same technology for long makes any developer slow performer of sluggish. The new language or technology makes the developer more energetic, more optimistic and more joyful to work with. MEAN Stack is a technology which is fun to learn and also fun to work with.

There is fear among the developers and designers of losing/forgetting the existing skill which he or she has learnt with hard work and spending much time. Because after coming new technology the existing one is replaced. But in case of Mean Stack there is no such problem. You need to worry at all because your existing skill will not be replaced. Rather it will be as an add-on in your skill.

Large community to support with. Mean Stack has become popular technology in the world and there is large community to support. There is plethora of developers particularly from stackOverflow where you can find the solution if you are stuck anywhere while developing the applications.

Are you a website developer and ever thought to develop mobile Application? This Mean Stack technology will fulfil your dream. You can develop mobile Apps also using this technology. Angular 2.x has been developed keeping in mind of Mobile devices.


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+91 8583959528

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What is MEAN Stack?

Mean Stack is a very popular web technology which has been used for low-budget projects as well as at high enterprise level projects. The acronym MEAN is Mongo DB, Express JS, AngularJS, and Node.js. The focal point of all the technologies used for MEAN stack is ‘Javascript’.

MEAN Stack / FullStack Training in Kolkata

Acesoftech Academy is a prominent Training organization in Kolkata which is known for implementing latest technology based courses. We have been providing MEAN stack course in Kolkata since 2016. Since MEAN stack developers demand has grown in Kolkata considerably. We have paid special focus on this course. Our experienced MEAN stack developer-cum- trainer will help you to understand from basic to advanced level of MEAN stack concept.

Objective of MEAN Stack Training

The objective of this course is to provide advanced and industrial MEAN stack course. The end result of this training will be that students can work in MEAN stack projects with confidence because during the training we encourage and help our students to learn as well as implement the concept in projects. To achieve this goal, we put our all effort to impart best training on MEAN stack / Full stack training in Kolkata and we also help our students to work on projects so that he/she will get exposure of real world application. Our objective is to make you professional in MEAN stack so that you can face MEAN stack related topics interview with confidence and also can work on projects with ease.

Scope of MEAN Stack training

The general question is , what will be my future after learning this course? Is this a stable and good paying career? The answer is, Yes!. The reason is, the future of web programing lies in’ JAVASCRIPT’ based technologies. Since MEAN stack is based on JAVASCRIPT, the career in this field is bright. The demand of MEAN stack developer is high as compared to those who are adept in any single language. As you can see, major part in this technology is supported by internet giant like Google (AngularJs,Expressjs are from Google) and Microsoft(Typescript is from Microsoft). So, its most likely that these technologies are going to stay for long. A MEAN Stack developer is an all-in- one package; they are proficient in the use of several technologies and there is a rapidly growing demand for MEAN developers in the industry. MEAN Stack developers are also paid more than the other developers.

Who can join this course?

1. This course is ideal for those who want to build career in website development.

2. PHP /ASP.NET Developers, who are already working in the industry.

3. BCA, B-Tech, MSC. MTECH or graduation in any stream who wants to be a modern website developer.

4. Any website designer or developer who is keen to upgrade oneself with changing of technologies.

MEAN Stack Frequently Asked Questions


freelance and bidding course Free!

We provide freelancer & bidding course for free with this course.So, you can either do Job or Freelancing or both. So, you have double opptortunities.

Note: If anyone does this course separately, the course fee is Rs.5000/

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