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Freelance Bidding & Project management Training

Freelance, Bidding & Project management job
    Whether there is any individual or company one needs work constantly to keep the company running. And in today’s day, getting work from freelancer job market is one of the most powerful medium. There are several benefits for learning this course but there are main two points which I am highlighting here
You can start your own company or you can work from home:
    Though this is a short duration course but it provides you good opportunity to know how to get work from freelance market. After learning this course you can either start your own company or you can work directly from home. Whether you are a designer, developer, SEO or content writer, you can get all kind of work from freelancer market.
You can work as bidding and freelance manager.
    Now-a-days in almost every small or medium sized web development companies there is need of freelancer bidding skilled person. So, after learning this course you can get a good job of project bidding and project managing
What we teach you in this course
  • What is freelance and how this works.
  • What are various kinds of freelance job markets in online.
  • How to create your account.
  • How to manage profile.
  • How to create portfolio.
  • How to make bidding.
  • Things you must not do or else your account will be suspended/banned
  • Things you must do to highlight your skill
  • How to increase a good rating
  • How to bid so that you can get work soon and also can fetch good price.
    You will be provided this training not on theory basis but by the professional who has hands on expertise in this field for last 5 years. So, you will learn exactly what is beneficial for you.
    DURATION : 8 classes
    FEES : Rs.4000/-