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Acesoftech Academy offers advanced and Industrial Java Full Stack Course offline in Kolkata and online all over the world. In this Java Full Stack Course in Kolkata, you will learn from basic to advanced industrial level.
Advanced part for this course such as J2EE, Hybernate, Spring and Spribgbootetc is taught by Umar Rahman who has been teaching and working on Java for last 20 years.
After doing this course we provide 100% job placement in any I.T. Company which is related to Java development. If you're looking for a comprehensive Java Full stack course in Kolkata, we assure you we will provide you the quality Java Full stack course in Kolkata and online as well. This course covers everything from the basics of Java programming to advanced topics such as web development, databases, and software engineering. You'll get hands-on experience with popular Java frameworks such as spring and Hibernate, and learn how to build web applications using technologies like JSP and servlets. Acesoftech Academy, a leading Java Training Training institute in Kolakta, focuses on projects.The course also includes a project where you'll put your skills to use by developing a complete web application. After learning this Advanced Java Course in Kolkata, you will be able to get lucrative jobs in the reputed companies.

Projects are compulsory:

Apart from providing you basic concept of the Java, we focus on Java Projects. In this course you will do at least 2 real-life projects like e-commerce project and also one banking project.


    Cloud Architect Course Syllabus

    There are very few prerequisites for the Cloud Architect certification in Kolkata course. Acesoftech Academy's talented instructors make the lessons more accessible to beginners.

    This Cloud Architect certification course in Kolkata equips professionals with the right skills and acumen to design and execute efficient, fault-tolerant applications on three prominent cloud platforms - AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. The program imparts knowledge of Azure Resource Manager, Azure App Services, AWS CloudFormation, EC2, Route53, S3, VPC, GCP, and other services that constitute the foundation for becoming a certified cloud architect. Upon successful completion of this training, an aspirant is sure to pass either their AWS Architect or Azure Architect certifications.
    A wealth of expert instruction is provided in this Cloud Architect course in Kolkata, developed by the industry's leading cloud computing experts.
    • More than 60 live, instructor-led online classrooms
    • More than 100 hours of self-paced video content
    • Exam practice
    • Experts and other resources in a community

    Additionally, the course offers more than a dozen industry-based projects that provide students with practical experience in cloud computing.

    Cloud Architect certification in Kolkata graduates will find plenty of employment opportunities as software architects, network architects, solutions architects, and cloud engineers.

    Graduates of Acesoftech Academy's Cloud Architect certification in Kolkata have great demand for their skills. Furthermore, enterprise IT architects are among the highest-paid professionals in the IT industry, according to Forbes. A median salary for enterprise IT architects is $137,957, according to Forbes.
    In addition, cloud computing professionals who take Acesoftech Academy's Cloud Architect training in Kolkata will discover that the field is expanding rapidly. According to Goldman Sachs, IT executives rank migrating to cloud computing as one of their top three initiatives for their organizations.

    The projects in Acesoftech Cloud Architect training in Kolkata provide students with the practical expertise they need to master cloud architecture concepts. The projects include:

    Project 1: Using AWS CloudFormation, AMIs, and AWS Auto Scaling, create a WordPress blog with defined specifications.
    The blogging team of a company wants to use their WordPress development copy during business hours to make sure their changes don't impact the live copy.

    Goals of the project:
    Create an EC2 instance using CloudFormation to run WordPress with the following specifications:
    • T2.micro is the instance type
    • Install WordPress using a new AMI
    • Launch a new WordPress instance using Auto Scaling
    Project 2: Using Amazon EC2, create a Linux instance for testing new applications.
    As part of this cloud architect certification in Kolkata, create a small Linux instance to test a new application. A few days later, the development team of a company wants to move the instance into production, so the specifications need to be changed. Create an EC2 instance using defined specifications.

    Goals of the project:
    • The following specifications should be used to create an EC2 instance:
    • Amazon Linux AMI
    • T2.nano is the instance type
    • Magnetic 8GB volum
    • Configure the instance to meet the following specifications:
    • Scale to a T2.small instance
    • SSD volume type increased to 12GB
    • Check that the root volume on the EC2 instance displays the correct size
    Project 3: Distribute content using S3, CloudFront, Geo-restrictions, and logging
    company wants to distribute website content globally. However, due to legal restrictions, it cannot distribute the content to France and Australia. The challenge is to find a way to prevent these offices from accessing the data. Despite the fact that the content does not change often, some files are substantial, and end-user latency must be minimized. Finally, the audit department wants to track website usage.

    Goals of the project:
    • Create a static website using Amazon S3
    • Set up a bucket and enable static website hosting
    • Logging should be enabled
    • Create a CloudFront distribution with Access Logs enabled for the static website
    • Geo-restrictions should be set up to prevent users in France and Australia from accessing the data
    • Check that logging is working
    Projects 4:Hosting web applications and monitoring performance is the fourth project
    As a result of lacking the team to manage the environment, OsCrop Corporation is exploring using Azure PaaS (Web Apps) as a web hosting solution. It is expected that there will be spikes in traffic for this application. Management at OsCrop is considering using Azure Autoscaling.
    As well as monitoring application performance and integrating application insights, OsCrop's management wants a proper monitoring mechanism.

    Goals of the project:
    • Develop Azure Web Apps in the U.S. East
    • Autoscaling for web apps should be enabled
    • Using Visual Studio, deploy a sample application with Application Insights enabled
    • Azure Application Insight monitoring set up

    Professionals with a Cloud Architect certification in Kolkata monitor cloud activity, design applications, and migrate them to the cloud. Cloud architects are also responsible for the organization's cloud computing architecture. This senior-level role requires technical, business, and people skills. Graduates of Kolkata's Cloud Architect certification will guide an organization in addressing high-risk IT issues.

    Those certified as Cloud Architects in Kolkata are able to guide stakeholders and translate business requirements into scalable, secure, and reliable cloud solutions. Graduates of Cloud Architect training in Kolkata are capable of designing and implementing cloud platform solutions. Cloud DevOps roles are responsible for delivering business value continuously using people, technologies, and processes.

    There is no expiration date for an Acesoftech Academy Cloud Architect certification in Kolkata.

    We recommend you to include Angular or React Js with this course also. General course fees for React Js is Rs 12,000/ But in this course you will get for Rs 8,000 only.

    Capstone Project

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    In the Java Full-stack course, both front-end and back-end are included. In the front end part, HML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and Bootstrap are covered and in the back end, Java with its framework like hibernate and spring is covered.

    Java is a stable and old language yet in very high demand in the market. If you do this course, your time and effort will not be wasted. You can rest assured that your career will be on the right path. Also, java is a high-paying programming language, if you learn this, you will get opportunities to work in MNCs and larger projects.

    Yes, weekend classes are also available. If you don't have time on the weekdays, we can assign you the weekend classes also.

    Even if you don’t have prior knowledge of Java, you can do this, it may take more time as compared with the students who already know basic java. But still, you can learn this course.

    If you have zeal and want a solid career in Java and you are determined to do hard work, you can do this course.

    Actually, that varies as per your knowledge like how properly you have done the projects. Also, that depends from city to city. For example, the salary package in Bangalore is more than compared to cities like Ranchi or Dhanbad. The average salary for a Java Full-stack developer in India for freshers is Rs 20,000- 35,000 per month.

    Java is a classic language and has been there for more than 25 years. The demand of java has never decreased. Despite being the language old, Java is still hot in demand in the market.

    Our trainers are industry experienced and have a minimum of 5 years of Java experience. Advanced part is taught by Mr, Umar Rahman who has been working on java for more than 20 years.

    Minimum of two projects are included in this course. The projects are of real-life so you will get confidence after doing this course and also you will get real-life project exposure.

    Mostly we provide one-to-one training. The maximum batch size of our Java Full Stack course is 5 participants per batch.

    Yes, we provide no cost EMI facility where you can pay the course fees in installments.

    Yes, we provide 100% placement assistance after completing the course successfully.

    Yes, two projects are included in this. One of the projects are e-commerce project.

    Yes, if you already know core java, doing this course will be very easy. As core Java is a part of this course.

    Yes, if you know C or C++, it will be helpful for you doing this Java Full stack course.

    Why learn java Full stack course?

    If you're looking to get ahead in the tech world, learning Java is a great way to do it. Not only is Java a popular and versatile programming language, but it's also relatively easy to learn. And once you've learned Java, you'll be able to apply your skills to a wide range of different tasks and projects.

    1. Java is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. That means that there are plenty of opportunities out there for Java developers. And because Java is so versatile, you'll be able to use your skills on a variety of different projects.

    2. Learning Java will give you a solid foundation in programming principles. Once you've learned the basics of Java, you'll be able to pick up other languages more easily. That's because understanding the principles of programming is more important than knowing the specifics of any one language.

    3. Java is used in a wide range of industries, from web development to software engineering. That means that if you want to change careers or move into a new field, learning Java will give you the transferable skills you need.

    4. Overall, learning Java can be extremely beneficial for your career prospects. So if you're looking to get ahead in the tech world, make sure you add Java to your list of skills!

    Java Is most secure and high-paying programing language in the world