Why PHP is the best choice for web development?

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INTRODUCTION– With the recent boom in internet market, a website is definitely a dire need to establish business on the web world. Therefore, it is evident that knowledge of certain programming language is crucial in creating simple to complex websites. PHP is the most reliable framework to achieve business goals and display content on the site. Currently, PHP accounts for whopping 79% of all websites which undoubtedly makes it best choice for web developers. PHP was created by Rasmus Lerdorf, a Canadian developer in 1994 with the aim of creating dynamic web applications.Hypertext Pre-processor or PHP is general purpose scripting language in which web server interprets the PHP code and translates into an HTML document which can be accessed by web browser as an HTTP response.

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Now let us understand the reasons why PHP is the best choice for web development-

  • Budget– The server-side scripting language is cost effective as it is open source and doesn’t incur extra charges to build the website and one needs to simply hire a PHP developer to create dynamic websites.
  • Easy integration– With PHP you can execute the code autonomously or coordinate with other languages and it can be used with almost any web platform whether it is MacOS, Unix Linux or Windows.
  • Fastest language– PHP is one of the languages which is way more faster than any other programming language such as Python ,Ruby, JavaScript etc as it is quicker to access the query from database which increases the website loading rate and built in applications of PHP also consumes less time in charging.
  • Quick code– A PHP developer can write clean code and can also change prior written code into PHP without much hassles and much faster compared to any other languages.
  • Flexibility– PHP is quite flexible and the code can be changed in the middle of developmental process and and changes can be done in the functionality and new features can be added to the website quickly so all in all the modifications can be done instantly in real time.
  • Stability– PHP is quite stable and lot of updates and corrections have been done ever since it was created in 1994. Every new version of PHP brings new features which certainly adds to its strong points and a PHP developer with two decades of experience will demonstrate the fact that PHP is the best server-side dialect.
  • Easy maintenance – As PHP is simpler, it doesn’t take much time to maintain other tasks and the developer can focus more on writing and execution of code.
  • Extensions and plugins– As PHP is equipped with numerous extensions and plugins and in-built libraries which really aids the developer in completing the complex projects and moreover it is easier for developers to deal with ongoing issues of the project.
  • Security– When it comes to security measures, PHP is the most reliable option as it provides adequate protection against virus and malware and if you intend to build online stores and complex e commerce websites with the Joomla and Magneto as CMS then PHP is your best partner.
  • Testing– Many PHP developers doesn’t want to waste their time in testing so it provides automated tests to carry out procedures in relevance to the project unlike other counterparts which require coding. Moreover, applications are far easier to test.
  • Constant support– Since PHP has completed 27 years of its existence, it has the most active and robust community which provides forums and Q&A to solve each and every problem faced by a budding developer. The official website of PHP has lot of documentation which constantly updates the new features to assist the developers.

At last, it is imperative to state that HTML 5 is the unquestionable framework for building responsive and dynamic websites and PHP can embed its code into HTML very easily and now you must clearly understand why PHP is the best choice for web development.

As a novice developer, you must focus all your efforts in gaining expertise in PHP framework if you want to be a valuable asset in the field of web development and obtaining a certification course is of prime importance.

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