Why PHP is so popular despite its horrible features

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PHP is a server-side scripting language in which the PHP code is converted into HTML document by web browser as it doesn’t interpret PHP code. It is a general-purpose programming language availed by software companies as Facebook, Tumblr, Yahoo .PHP is here to stay as it constantly updates assessing the current situation of the market and about 79% of websites of the web are built on PHP and apart from that there are various legacy codes in its name so it would be appropriate to assume that despite its horrible features (as many developers vent out their frustration) PHP still stands tall.As speculations are rife about PHP losing its potential in wake of new programming languages, so in this article let us try to understand the whole scenario through a different lens and present the perspective.

Now let us discuss some horrible features which according to some developers PHP might have-

  • Lack of elegance– This sounds weird but even after checking all the errors and fixing the bugs, the code doesn’t seem elegant and all the programmers vent their frustration on PHP because that’s a small percentage of them looking for elegance angle in every programming language. PHP sucks for them because they expect same results from different programming languages.
  • Non- consistency in method names– PHP has always been soft target since its inception in 1995 and in that time no developer would complain about str_ replace and other inconsistencies in the libraries but it is a meagre thing in relation to writing code with PHP and if you can closely observe it happens with all the other libraries as well. Initially you will experience chaos with the names but eventually it gets remembered by every developer.
  • Object oriented support– Yes , a lot of developers would agree on this and don’t expect much in terms of object orientation. Nevertheless the solution is to define a class and extending it works well.

Despite all these features, PHP still reigns largely when it comes to building dynamic web applications. There are several reasons for popularity of PHP among web developers-

  • PHP is free software so you don’t have to pay a single penny for it. Just download and start writing the code with light and easy syntax.
  • PHP has fast and easy learning curve and the beginner is not expected to know other frameworks, object- oriented programming and other stuffs.
  • PHP is the only language that is reliable and so it is readily available on every web hosting services.
  • PHP has many extensions and plugins which helps the novice developer to seamlessly process across the various obstacles that they might encounter while writing the code.
  • PHP developers take every criticism very seriously and that’s the reason that it always has yearly releases which have updated features and tools to upscale the developmental process.
  • PHP is a very powerful and scalable language as it is really critical in building robust and dynamic web apps and the best part is that it can work on multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux and Unix .
  • It has some of the great frameworks such as Laravel, Symfony, Zend , Yii and Phalcon through which the developers can interface the website effortlessly and no other language holds such similar advantage.
  • It has vast and active community committed to update the new developers about recent advancements and solving related issues.
  • Top Content Management systems such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla and various E- commerce sites are based on optimal efficiency of PHP and it always deliver exceptional performance without fail.

CONCLUSION– Based on the above reasons, one can confidently estimate the popularity of PHP and there is no doubt that further new versions will enhance the adaptive content of website which is the current demand for any business. So if you want to explore the field of web development, then obtaining a course in PHP would be your top priority. Acesoftech Academy, one of the best PHP training institute in Kolkata , provides extensive practical training by trained web developers so that you can work in a real time environment and be confident of nailing any interview in the software companies and of course get high paying jobs.