Why every website developer and designer should know Bootstrap

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If you are interested in web designing but you do not know much about bootstrap then do not worry as soon you’re going to learn a lot the benefits of bootstrap and what makes it a very important tool for any web designers.

This tool is used in a very easy and fast responsive website design. Read on to learn why you should use bootstrap to create your websites.


Bootstrap was released in August 2011 as an open source product by Mark Otto and Jacob, who are employees of twitter, on GitHub. In 2014 June, it was the top ranked project on GitHub. It is used in creating fast responsive and mobile friendly websites. Bootstrap is the most famous framework till date built with HTML, CSS and Javascript. Initially, it was named Twitter Blueprint because it wanted to be used as internal tool for Twitter but later it was released as an open source project on 19th August 2011 in the name of Bootstrap on GitHub so that others can also use and take advantage of it.


Bootstrap components have been created with help of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which you can simply use by copy-pasting in your web pages.


Among all the frameworks that are available, Bootstrap is the most popular and most widely used framework.

How does the Bootstrap work?

Websites that are designed using Bootstrap does not need too much coding as the HTML code that is already given in the bootstrap gets reused.


There are several predefined classes of CSS in the Bootstrap, which can be easily used by calling on your page. Bootstrap works on a grid system that divides the whole page into equal columns and rows. Different CSS classes have been created for all rows and columns which can be used on your web page as per the need.

Benefits You Get When You Use Bootstrap

Bootstrap can very easily be used if you’ve basic knowledge of HTML and CSS can easily use Bootstrap. Its top advantage is that it can save a lot of time because it increases the development speed and works in a very short time. Responsive design can easily be created through Bootstrap. If your website is responsive then it adjusts itself according to the screen size of any platform or device like desktop, laptop, mobile etc. It is customizable – if you want to change the built-in style of Bootstrap, you will need to overwrite the bootstrap code by writing your CSS code. Another benefit of Bootstrap is cross browser compatibility. The website of Bootstrap looks same in almost all modern browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera etc.


Last but not the least, best thing about it is that you can use it for free. Bootstrap can be used in 2 ways first by downloading it and the other through CDN. Using it through CDN is relatively easier and best. To use Bootstrap, you have to add the bootstrap CSS, JavaScript and Ajax CDNs to your HTML code.


At Acesoftech Academy, we have included bootstrap in 2014, the first web design training institute in Kolkata. We  ask the students to do at least 2-3 projects in bootstrap so that they will get confidence of working on bootstrap.