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Whats Hot in Digital Marketing in 2019?

Do you intend to make a good career in marketing? Or wish to promote your business online while bearing zero marketing expense? Or are you a retired person or a working professional looking forward to making a decent income online? Then you all have landed here in the very right place.  Well, you all must be aware of this fact that we are now living in the age of digitalization where everything in our life we are doing it online. So the internet has been part of our daily life, and thus digital marketing is the latest upcoming marketing and business trend nowadays, and even our central government is encouraging digitalization in the country.

If you intend to make a career in digital marketing then it is necessary for you to learn all the latest digital marketing trends and use them practically, and for that, a reliable  Digital Marketing training course will help you. So let’s have a look at what are the most recent digital marketing trends in this year 2019 that are going to dominate the SEO Industry in coming future.


Latest Digital Marketing 2019 Trends That You Should be Familiar with:

  • Video Marketing

    Videos are the latest and one of the foremost important online marketing trend that is going to rule the web world for the coming years. It is because videos always create three times better attention in the minds of your target audience regarding your services or products that you intend to promote or sell. So creating stunning looking and professional, eye-catching videos can often fetch you maximum leads and traffic to your blog. Whiteboard animation business videos are the latest trend going on right now in Video marketing.

  • Mobile Marketing

    Well, as per the recent study various web marketing research firms, today 70% of web traffic globally used to comes from Smartphones and tablets. So, for this reason, Google has been focusing more on its mobile search volume, and thus for that, it has been a mandatory ranking factor to have your site fully mobile responsive for getting ranked in Google.  Now the latest inclusion in this regard is the mobile-first indexing, the latest algorithm update from Google.  Well, here, Google will be indexing all mobile optimized website first. Here, micro-moments will be driven by mobile and mobile-first websites will be pivotal in offering instant information to viewers in Google SERP.

  • Voice Search Optimization:

    The year 2018 and 2019 are the years for voice search rather than traditional text search. Research shows after surveying people from the US that people feel more comfortable in speaking the search term to Google rather typing the hell of that term. And so Google is giving more focuses on voice search from this year where audio podcasting content will get more relevant to Google SERPs. So being a content writer/SEO professional one need to use more common terms in your website content that most people speak during conversation rather using any high-quality English vocabulary that hardly any common man can fully understand.

  • 2019 To be The Year for Instagram:

    Instagram has emerged as the fast-growing social marketing platform among all other social platforms across the web community. Being a mobile application itself Instagram has been getting maximum mobile traffic by having 500 million daily and 800 million monthly active users. So all these have made Instagram be the hottest place for web marketers across the country to promote their services and products. Here, you can only upload Videos and pictures on Instagram by putting Meta descriptions for each photo and video you upload on Instagram.

  • Facebook Messenger Marketing

    Another latest inclusion related to this is Facebook Messenger Marketing. According to most recent study, it has been shown that Facebook messenger is going to get three times better response rate than emails. And so Facebook messenger has gained such huge popularity among the social media obsessed audiences.

Where to learn Digital Marketing Training  in India?

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