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What is impact of AI, VR, Big Data and on Digital Marketing

What is Artificial IntelligenceTechnological change has happened ridiculously quickly and there are new innovations all the time.  Just as we are getting used to Social Media marketing, Live Video or Data Visualization, suddenly we have something new!  Digital Transformation is the buzzword here.  If you are into Digital Marketing, you need to keep up with the trends and keep up with the new and dynamic technology.  Apps are being developed all the time that are changing the way we do things and having a huge effect on the Digital Marketing Industry.   The buzzwords right now are AI, VR, AR and IOT. Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and the Internet of Things are terms that you need to be familiar with, especially if you have a brand or a product that you need to get out into the market.   If you think of Artificial Intelligence, you may think of huge corporate firms that may use this in the future. Or, may already be using it.  Make no mistake, small firms can make good use of this too.  Technology is not restricted to big brands only.  This is the same with VR.  The technology is so smart and so clever and it can be adapted and used for any kind of product that you want to advertise.  Not only that, it can help you to attract new buyers or a new market.  Virtual Reality Don’t be fooled into thinking AI, VR or AR are hugely expensive.  These kinds of technology are becoming more mainstream all the time, affordable and accessible to all.   Let’s look at  Apples Siri.  Or Google’s ‘OK Google’.  We can say ‘hello’ to our smartphones and ask them questions. We can find out which is the closest restaurant to us, or where to find a gas station.  We can use these tools to also sell a loaf of bread or a great book.  There are more and more of these tools on the market, or, if you are a Digital Marketer, you can design an App specially for the small business. Digital Assistants are being created for everything and everyone. Just you need to get small Digital Marketing training.   Data is important.  Get data on your community.  What are they looking for, what are they reading, what do they want to eat, or how do they pay their taxes? It is through Data that you can see if you should go the AI route or the VR route.  Or both.  Large companies like IBM are constantly making use of online data research to see what their customers or prospective customers want, and then providing it.   Use social media, live video, blogging, visuals and content to drive customer to your business.  And then don't be scared of AI or VR. These things are all accessible, no matter whether the business is big or small.  And do Data capture and data analysis, before deciding which route to go. If you’re into Digital Marketing, you will know how to do this.  And keep up with the digital marketing trends!  Understand Virtual Reality because although it may just be used in gaming now, it will be using in marketing soon.  All the things we think are ‘future’ are no longer the future.  They are now.   Tell stories to get your product out there. The story can be in the form of a video, a game, a series of images or through very new technology like AI, AR, VR or The Internet of Things.  Keep up with technology.  It’s how you sell things.   We at Acesoftech Academy are trying to adopt these technologies and trying to impart education in our Digital Marketing Training in Kolkata.