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There’s a video craze that is a huge part of Digital Marketing.

importance of Search Engine Optimization, key words and key phrases, long form content There is a new and innovative way to increase your Digital Marketing.  We all know the and visuals.  But - there is something new and creative and it’s all about live video.  It is creative, exciting and will draw big traffic towards your site.
Live video is a live campaign.  If you are clever with your marketing you will want to bring something to your customer that is current, live, on-brand, edgy and gives you that WOW factor.  It can be a huge live e-commerce event, it could be a live fashion show or music event, a handbag launch, anything that is real-time and interesting to the customer or potential customer.
Live video is not as ‘safe’ as ordinary digital marketing.  It is not as well packaged or planned as anything can happen.  But for a marketer, a digital marketer, it is so exciting.  And if you are good at what you do, it can be amazing and incredibly rewarding.
If we think back, live video marketing started slowly.  You can go Facebook Live.  It’s tricky, it’s risky, you never know how it is going to be received, but one thing we do know - people watch it.  Snapchat was an early form of live video marketing where you would capture a short video, add a caption and send it to a friend.  You can do something similar on Twitter and you can tell an Instagram story.
But live videos, as part of your website, are brilliant.  They take Digital Marketing to a whole new level.  It can be on your website or as part of your social media campaign.  Don’t discount it and don’t be scared of it.  People, clients, want interaction. They want to see the immediate, the NOW.  They want LIVE.
Think of Live Video marketing as a new canvas which you can use to get your latest ideas or product out there.  And know that every week new live campaigns are happening.   The NCAA Tournament made use of Live Video marketing.  Twitch, which is Amazon’s live streaming platform, uses live video broadcasts.   And Elle Magazine unveiled a new jewellery line on Facebook Live, hosted by Live Instagram stylists.
It’s on television too.  Shows may be interrupted (Power Rangers) to bring something live happening right now.  It’s clever, it’s something for you to think about, it’s time to go LIVE VIDEO.