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People always tend to make money and wish to become a billionaire without any struggle. For this, first we have to establish a workplace for our own where you can ask anyone to do any work for you , you will have sole authority of your business thus you are master of your own will. But this will need more time, struggle and skill to be in position where you yourself set working hours. Succeeding this aim the very first step will be irritating and tough.  Therefore it is very eminent to be prepared earlier.

If you are thinking of leaving your current workplace or you are ready to give resign, we suggest you to think of yourself and starting a new business where you will have reputation in market which will bring in work.

1) Make your reputation yourself

In our daily routine at work and especially in our industry, reputation is everything. Reputation is like mirror which shows the reality of a person in market. If you have a good reputation its mean your chance to be hire is also high.

Apart from that many people says that reputation is not necessary for producing good work. To build a reputation among people, you have to get exposure from everywhere. Therefore you need to be start blogging publishing your experiences, enter awards and start to increase your circle at conferences.
Also, the most important thing is to find a place where you can freely express what you do and for whom you do it for.
Before starting your business, you need to introduce yourself to people with your work and experience. They should say “that guy who dose amazing programming, or “that young girl who is best web designer”. If you concentrate and focus on specific field it will be easy to find you and your work too. If you try to be jack of all but master of none, you will lose everything.


On starting once own business, to establish and to flourish it the main hurdle or the challenge that came across is the clients. In starting of the business the individual or a firm agreed even on the bad clients and change the prices in order to achieve maximum profit. A person establishes the business but is unable to form the best quality clients just because of obtaining a maximum profit. But in ideal cases a person should first developed the new and standardize client so that they generate the regular salary and income.

Some people in their jobs reduce their working hours and develop a separate and self sustained business in order to maintain the separate clients and achieve the maximum profit. But this process sometimes works but most of the time fail to give the benefit. Instead of doing this a person or the individual can do extra time in the job he is doing to get the maximum profit by working on weekends and till evening to make the maximum clients. All these clients or the customers that are made in this process are important to establish the business by giving different recommendations on the flaws that are not being notice by the firm and by working on these flaws can help to attain more benefit.


In doing a full time job and even doing extra work it is difficult for a person to develop a client data base for providing the complete information of each and every client or if one is starting a new business it is not compulsory that a person always gets the profit some time he may be at the peak and in some cases will be at its worst condition and in these circumstances on can utilize that money or profit that he get in the months or time he was at its peak to pay the bills and other expenses and that will prevent to establish a state of depression and anxiety,

If a person develop the depression and tension by the loss he get, he may reduce the productivity of the business more and will lead to the condition of anxiety in which he may also lose the business man skills he had by which he can again flourish and win the profit or the market. By getting the loss it increases the experience of what he did wrong in running the business and in future he will be alarmed of all these situation and can cope up the situation in a better way.


Most of the people think that they are prepared for launching their own business by the skill and the abilities of their own, but unfortunately they are not properly prepared for establishing a self sustained business. Establishing a business is worth more than a thing to make a website or a blog. It involve a set of different procedures and different sections to take care off like financials, taxes tenders, written documentation installing a new equipment and purchasing their software’s and increase the productivity etc.

All these areas in running a business is not difficult but it require a time to be skilled in all of these areas. If the individual is not properly skilled in all of these areas he may not be able to understand the bases of the business he want to establish and be unable to start from the basis that will lead to the non profitable business. In order to establish a client data base make this task as your second priority as a part time job but if an individual want to establish this task as your full time make it all the information in order so that it can be easily accessible.
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