Seven reasons why should one choose Digital Marketing as a career

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Do you have a love for the internet? Are you creative and passionate about the online world? Do you love searching for, puting and posting things online?

If yes, and most people will answer yes to all those questions, then a career in Digital Marketing may well be for you. 

What exactly is Digital Marketing?  Well. Let’s think.  Have you ever opened your email to find an offer for free wallpaper of perhaps a Bollywood star?  And you just have to reply YES to get the wallpaper? Well, that is Digital Marketing (getting the email) and that is Digital Marketing that works.  (replying YES).

Digital Marketing is the use of the internet for getting a product across to the consumer.  It is using the internet to advertise or publicise a certain product or service.  It takes some skill to be able to do this.  And it is also one of the best things you should do, especially if you want to earn money and love what you are doing at the same time.

Look at these reasons as to why you should learn about Digital Marketing Training in Kolkata.


  • These days anyone can design a website using the free online services, but it takes skill and professionalism to design a good website.  You need to do a Digital Marketing course so that you can excel.  Given that almost every single decent sized company in India wants a website, or wants to upgrade their website, your skills will always be needed.


  • It does not help to only have a website.  You need to understand Search Engine Optimization to enable the website to reach the public and the right people in the public.  A digital marketing course will give you this know how and put you way ahead in the skills department.  You can sell yourself confidently to a client, saying that not only can you design their website, or web page, but also make sure it brings in business.


  • Digital Marketing includes things like Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, Coding, Web Site content and design, the use of Google Adwords and Adsense.  Put together, all these things will ensure you work and earn.  There are many courses you can do – web development, web design, wordpress design, SEO Course, Java Training, Android Training, Internet Marketing, Content Training and more.  Any of these courses will ensure you get work.  All of these courses will ensure you get the best work.


  • Many people have lost their jobs because things have been digitalised.  Think of movie tickets.  There used to be many people at the entrance to a movie selling tickets.  But now, you can buy tickets online in advance, or you can buy them from a machine outside the theater.  There are far fewer people employed at the theatre, because everything is digital. Rather than be out of a job, get involved in the digital world.  Learn to be one of those people who understands how to sell movie tickets online.  You will always have a job.


  • Any new start up company today immediately goes digital.  They get a website going, a web page and a social media presence.  They may know how to work Facebook, but they may not know how to use it to its full advantage.  This is where you come in.  You manage their page for them.  You get work, they get business, everyone is happy.


  • The job market is competitive in India.  The population is high and the economy is strong but not as strong as it used to be.  It is not always that easy finding work.  But if you work in the Digital Marketing industry, you will always have work.  It’s the fastest growing industry in the world.

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