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Joomla VS WordPress

With the development of technology we see that developing a web page is not as hard as before. This is because there are many ways for a person to develop websites today. In the past there was also a challenge in developing websites as people need to know how to develop websites through HTML. As time passed by, there are many other ways and now in the World, CMS has taken a big step. CMS is known as content management system and through this people are able to design websites with ease. There is no specific knowledge which is needed and anyone could learn to develop a website with ease.

WordPress is one of the best CMS in the world today. This is similar to a blog but in a much more professional manner. This is because through this you are able to create your website in a few minutes. If you are creative enough you are also able to create an effective website as well. There are many amazing features which are provided in WordPress and you are able to enjoy all of them for free. WordPress is also famous for the free widgets which are given to you. There are many widgets available online. So if you are thinking of customizing your webpage with widgets, think about WordPress. WordPress is customizable. After developing your website you are able to customize the content as you want. This also means that updating your website will be an easy task.

Joomla is also another Content Management System in the world. There is not much of a difference between Joomla and WordPress. They also have similarities such as the ease of development of a website, creating easy content and also the widgets which are provided with it. To know more about Joomla you do not need to have a programming background. You could learn them from the amazing number of tutorials and material which are available online for free.

If you want to pop out a question as to which CMS is better, we could not specifically say that Wordpress or Joomla is better. This is because both have amazing features, both do not need prior knowledge to know the subjects and both provide good features with its system. So if you want to develop a fast website with a low budget and with less knowledge you could choose Joomla or WordPress.

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