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The steps needed to become a good Digital Marketing person

Digital marketing can include but not be limited to:- Social Media. Blog Posts Websites Google Ads Mobile Display Advertisment   And most importantly, Search Engine Optimization, for all of the above.
Most shoppers these days, in fact over 80% of shoppers, do online research before making a purchase.  This means that digital is no longer the future.  Digital is NOW.  And if you are not marketing online, you are missing out.
Here are the most important steps for you to being a successful and prosperous Digital Marketing campaign.
A good website Design a website that will make anyone go ‘Wow.’  You do not have to spend a fortune on your website; in fact it is quite easy to create a website online. But you do need to make sure it will attract the right customer to you, and that it will lead to business.  Your website must have more than or page and - excellent content.  And remember to have your contact details on every single page, easy to see and easy to use.
A website today must also be digitally smart, i.e. easy to read from a mobile device and easy to interact with on a mobile device.  Your website must be mobile friendly
Have a strategy Once your website is designed, you need to have a strategy.  The whole aim of a website is to draw people to your business.  Create a Facebook page, a Twitter account, an Instagram account, updated your LinkedIn if you haven't already done that, and if relevant, create a Pinterest account.  Get these pages or accounts looking fantastic too.  Decide if a Facebook page is enough or if you want to do Facebook ads.  The same goes with Twitter.  Should you just tweet or do Twitter ads or both?  Post a lot and be relevant.  Work with a Digital Marketing expert, or become that expert, on your strategy.  Look at online ads, SEO, keywords and blogs to get your name and product out there.
Search Engine Optimization / Pay Per Click advertising all the Social Media buttons easily visible, a call-to-action button.