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Digital marketing guidies that will help you

You can go online easily and read up about Digital Marketing.  In fact, we suggest you do. We also suggest you practice.  Make yourself familiar with all the Digital Marketing tools that are out there on the market, many of which are free.  And if you find that you are a bit confused, or you want to get a foot into the market easily, do a Digital Marketing diploma or degree.
There are many guides on the market and many free guides at that.
Each guide will give you simple information on Digital Marketing, Social Media, Blogging, Content, Visuals, Advertising, Digital Advertising, Search Engine Optimisation and Analytics.  It is easy to get lost in each site and we suggest you start with the information that you are most interested in, read carefully, make notes, and then move on to the next.
The thing about Digital Marketing is that it is all about navigating your way around the internet and making the internet work for you.  Become familiar with Google and Google Ads.  Be a Twitter expert and a Facebook expert.  Learn about writing and what makes good writing and why people would perhaps be drawn to your writing.  Understand what long form content is.  Understand the difference between key words and key phrases.  And if it all seems daunting, use the help lines of which there are plenty.  Or ask for help.  Study, sign up for a Digital marketing course or certificate.
Familarise yourself with everything out there.  That is not a difficult thing to do.  If you are looking at Digital Marketing, or a career in Digital Marketing, it probably means you love the internet.  Most people do.  We spend a fortune of time online.  We may as well use the Online world to help us with our business or our work.
If you’re looking for online Digital Marketing guides, use google.  The thing about using Google is that, if a company is clever, they have used Search Engine Optimisation carefully, ensuring their company pops up first.  So you may well get a million articles on Digital Marketing.  Choose the ones with good reviews. Choose the ones that are interactive.  Choose the ones with visuals and interesting content.
There is a lot of information in the internet.  There is a lot of misinformation too.   Be careful about what you read.