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How to develop a basic WordPress plugin using short codes

There are many tutorials around the world for developing Plug-ins for WordPress. Some may be difficult to understand and some require professional PHP knowledge when it comes to developing the plug-in. In this article we focus on developing a plug-in by using short codes.

Build a simple template

Firstly you need to develop the template of the plug-in. Before creating any plug-in you need to create a folder where you need to put all your work to. Then we need to go to the code. When starting the code it is necessary to include some Meta information. There are different definitions to al lines of codes. So do follow the sample and change the data necessary accordingly.

Define a shortcode

It is always necessary to add comments and also define the code. You need to give the proper definitions such as number, integer or strong and then pass the necessary to the function. Then in the function you are supposed to add the proper information if it’s an echo statement or any other output.

Getting a capcha code

This is also an important factor when it comes to PHP coding. Through giving a capcha code the program is set to remember the data and these will be useful when it comes to a contact us page. These also could be developed by using sessions.

Sending messages in PHP

This is the final tip in building an effective plug-in. When the necessary information is provided in the page and when the user clicks on next or any other button, the information should be passed to the other page. So these could be done by using PHP functions. Make sure that the necessary functions are built in the page so that the information will be passed to the proper page.


Finally it will be a bit difficult to learn all these at once. But give it a try. If you are not familiar with PHP you could always learn them by following a course or there are many online resources in the world today. All the best to you in developing an effective PHP plug-in for WordPress.
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