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Why content is important for Digital Marketing

Writing is not east.Good writing is crafted. Each word is thought about,each word is put
together carefully and each paragraph is a work of art.  Writing is edited, and edited again, until it is just perfect.
But writing is not only about craft.  Writing needs to be accessible.  If you are writing about academics, for academics, it needs to be written in an academic manner.  If you are writing a recipe book, the recipes need to be appealing and seductive towards the cook.  And if you are writing for a website, the words need to reach out to the reader, who is ultimately, the buyer.
This means the writing, while it needs to be good, has to have a goal.  It has to inspire a buyer, or a potential customer.  You want them to read what you have written, and think: ‘Yes, I have to have that,' click on a button and buy.
So how do you go about writing good content?  Well, you could try it on your own and see what works.  Or, you could employ a good content writer.  There are many writers out there who have some kind of Digital Marketing degree or diploma that will include content and writing.
The bottom line is you  have to find what appeals.  Sometimes it is trial and error.  It may be a blog that needs to be informative.  It may be a blog that needs to show, rather than tell, i.e., using visuals.  Perhaps a blog in the form of a story?  Or something interactive could work.
There are a few thing you need to do for strong content, or as part of a Digital Content Marketing Campaign.
Plan Chat with your team, if you are part of a team.  Strategies.  Decide who you are targeting.  And then plan a good campaign which will include the content.  Decide if you want long form content together with sharp, witty Social Media posts.   Invest in your content, it is going to draw traffic to your site.  Don’t be sloppy with it.  Decide what you want to write and how you are going to get your message across.
Create You have now decided what you are going to write about, so now it is time to create it.  It could be a blog, it could be an info graphic or it could be those Social Media posts we spoke about.  Either way, know where you are going to place it and know that you want to use all the correct keywords and key phrases within your content to draw traffic to your site.   Look also at budget, time and who the best writer is for the job.
Analyse Once your content is out there, track it.  Use Google Analytics, or a similar marketing tool, to track if people are reading your content, if they are clicking on links related to your content, or if they are giving up halfway through.  You can track how many people read your blog, you can track which country they come from, what age they are and if they follow through and purchase something from your Company.  Remember too, content does not have to be in the form of a Blog.  It could be on your website pages or on Social Media, or on specially targeted ads, such as Facebook Ads or Google Ads.
Promote Once you have your content ready for an audience, use SEO to promote it.  If you’ve written a blog, put it out there on Social Media. Share widely.  Perhaps offer a promotion; share with ten friends and get a free dinner.  (or something similar).  Use SEO in your content but use SEO to promote it too.  Never relax and think things will promote or sell themselves. They won’t.
Content is very important.  Get someone to write for you who has a good command of the language of the article.  Grammar and spelling are important.  No-one will take you seriously if you make mistakes.  Let your content be easy on the eye and easy to read.  Keep your audience captivated.  If they are captivated by words, they will be captivated by you.