6 Web Designs we are expecting in 2019

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web design trends 2019When we talk about change or expect any change to take place we actually expect advancement and progression to take place. It happens so year after year that people talk about web designs but all the views shared on this particular topic seems to be in alignment with each other. This means that the newness in thoughts is lacking. However, the expectation for some innovative never subdues but how is innovation supposed to emerge without innovative thoughts? What needed is thinking along different lines.
Some are of this strong opinion that major break thoughts do not take place any more. There are no true “trends” that designers follow or create.
It is time now to think the drawback we have which resists innovation. As mentioned earlier that the lack of innovative thoughts is the major cause of this. And this is a real problem that has cropped up. Lack of new thoughts has stagnated advancement in web designs. Writers writing about web content want to be trendy i.e. stick to the latest trends and not step out of them. A designer does whatever they wish to. Their creativity and inventiveness, the urge to change things are what we should all be looking forward to.
This article mainly focuses on the overview of the new kind of thoughts which would be effective on the web designs and bring up the kind of web designs we are expecting in 2018.

web design trends 20191. Quality storytelling

Storytelling is a quality not possessed by everyone. However, if your website lacks stories then it is empty. Your site needs a good storyteller. Without a good storyteller, your site will fail to attract users and you will fail to achieve your goals. Thus, it is indeed important to have a good storyteller for your website.

2. Simplicity of the site Structure

Structuring is indeed an important task. A key step of good storytelling is the creation of a good site structure which includes simple elements, based on which users will be able to understand what the main functions of the site are and what should be done next. Everything should be done in a simple way. Complications should not bar the progress or uniqueness. Complex site structure and user interface will never add to the trendiness of your web design. Keep it super simple.

3. Asymmetric Appearance

This is for languages read from left to right; the layout of a website implies reading the text from the top of the page down which means that the content should stretch to the bottom of the page. Hence, the website basically is in the form of a vertical rectangle and everything on it is totally aligned and symmetrical. This can be avoided by the play of asymmetrical appearance of web pages as well as with text content or sections of the site that will not go all the way from top to bottom.

4. Less is More

This is an antithetical idea and also carries philosophical undertones which say the little can express a lot. Relatable enough how in short stories aphoristic sentences are multi-layers in terms of meanings and interpretations. The essence of minimalism is that a small number of elements can express a lot. Minimalism in modern architecture can serve an inspiration to modern web designers. One can never be totally a minimalist but this idea, however, could be approached.

5. Photography Illustrations

Illustrations are a true trend in web design for already two years, but what is more and more present in 2018 is the use of unique illustrations on photographs. Ordinary photos and posters and other items on one page could be refreshed by adding hand-drawn illustrations, making them striking and appealing to users. Photographic illustrations are necessary for a successful web page.

6. Interaction Design

Interaction design was transferred from the field of interactive products and was quickly accepted in the digital world when designers began to think of the ways to use a number of cognitive and physical signs to guide the visitors to s specific goal on the website. Interaction design is a very effective tool when it comes to the creation of successful web pages design in general.

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