5 Techniques to Combine Content Marketing and Local SEO

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Search engine Optimization, or SEO, refers to enhancing the site so that it ranks on top of search engine results. This will help the user to find the needed website easily. Apart from that Local SEO is the optimization process when you specifically emphasis on local results. For example if you are running a café in Washington DC, then any person or user searches for café in Washington DC, your café official website will be ranked on top of the result list thus your business website search index is enhanced. This sort of optimization is known as local SEO.
On the other hand content marking is approach of producing attractive and valuable material which is used basically to involve the user in large number, which eventually increases the sales and business of the company.
These two approaches does not depend upon each other and that’s why these two strategies are frequently discussed independently of one another. Content marketing and local SEO campaign every so often go parallel. To get best results using both strategies we have to combine both, here are five different ways to combine them for ideal results:

1) Start Blogging

It is important to have a blog as it is vital part of content marketing, and most organizations/ companies which are dependent on E-marketing usually blog regularly or even day-to-day. Blog can be used for search engine optimization in local area, and it is stated as “secret weapon” by search engine land. As discussed, keeping or managing a blog, and an attractive content will engage reader and can be beneficial for companies to enhance the index of website locally. The blogging is time gaining approach as it requires more time to show its result.

2) Use Social Media

If you are running a business and want to reach out many customers, and your business is not linked with social media websites for its marketing, then you should think about social media content which will be an important way to cover a large masses. These approaches and plans will be effective for enhancing a local SEO. Despite the fact that if you want to be more effective then you don’t need to be posting on social media 20 times in a day, but giving status updates and tweets in which location of your business place is mention will help to boost up the business without any advertisement fees. It is reported that person using social media as advertisement tool adore more loyalty from their customers.

3) Images and Video

Content is the form of the written document or the set of list that describes and includes all the aspect that are particularly mentioned in the website that is either local or international. Apart from the written material or aspects, content also refers to all the posts from the users and organization, the images, videos, tags displayed information etc. In the content marketing adding videos and images to the content is one of the most important point but while any organization or a business firm made its website content or content marketing they forget to add the videos and images for commercials that attracts the users and increases its sale and economy that is most important thing that should be deal first. This is the most important and dominant flaw that is present in most of the website’s content. By adding the images, videos, tags and thumbs in the websites, it attracts the users and the customers that increases the overall sales of the organization or a firm and increases the overall ranking and economy of both the website and the firm. By the involvement of the tags and thumbs in the website it makes the website more effective and functional for the users and as a result increases the overall ranking in the market.

4) Promote Online Reviews

While dealing with the organizational or business websites, the main attention or focus should be made on the online local reviews in order to improve the SEO. Yelp is a multi-national corporation that develops, hosts and markets. The company also trains small businesses to respond to reviews responsibly, hosts social events for reviewers, and provides basic data about businesses, such as hours of operation. Google+ is a social network and social platform for Google services that is owned and operated by Google Inc. Google+ launched as a social network. Features included posting photos or status updates to the Google Plus stream or interest based communities and organizations. Both of these networks (yelp and Google+) dominate the online reviews of the users of the website. So it is necessary to list your website and SEO to both of these networks. The website of any business and organization should be arranged in such a way that every user or the customer that visit the website and leaves their reviews for the service and product of that particular firm and organization. The more is the reviews of the users about the website the more or high will be the ranking of the website of the firm when an individual is searching for the product and services that is offered by that organization.

5) Always stay Firm and Consistent

With the passage of time, number of problems emerges in the local SEO management but the main above them all is the consistency. In January 2015 an article was published by the contributor of Forbes magazine named Jason demers. According to demers the biggest problem that occur during the local SEO effort is inconsistency. He stated the down fall in the local SEO occurs due to the inconsistency in the NAP i.e.name, address and phone number but not due to the posting schedule and branding arrangements. Various search engines usually uses the business NAP’s to categorizes the business into the various business categories, these categories helps the search engine to find the firm’s or organizational.

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