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5 reasons why you should know HTML5 and CSS3

HTML is known as Hyper Text Mark-up Language and CSS is known as Cascading Style Sheets. Both of these elements come together in making a website. Today in the world, many websites are built using HTML and CSS. It is an easy programming language to learn and anyone could catch up easily. The coding could be done in Notepad or any similar editor such as Notepad++ and then the page could be loaded via a browser for viewing the output. That is the basic theory behind HTML and CSS. HTML is basically the body of the code where you code in for the layout and the contents such as description, tables and forms. Meanwhile CSS is for the design of the webpage. The background, picture alignment and the designs are done through CSS.

1 . Better Coding Standards

HTML and CSS have developed throughout the years and now the newest versions of HTML and CSS are HTML5 and CSS3 There are slight differences in the coding and the standards and it just keeps getting better. There are things that you can perform with HTML5 and CSS3 than what the normal HTML and CSS could do. It is good to be updated for these levels as you could take up many projects in these languages. The need for HTML5 and CSS3 keep growing and let us take a look at them.

2 . Better Error Handling

For HTML5 there were some new rules which were established and they are better error handling, more mark-up which also replaces scripting and the development process should be visible to the public. The requirements of code are simpler so that anyone could understand it much easier.

3 . Better Support on Media Playback

There is also more support on media playback. The previous versions of HTML did not have this opportunity. If any videos were posted there were always errors and incompatible of adding them to the page due to various errors. With HTML5 it is made easier.

4 . Supports all web browsers

All the current browsers currently have the support for HTML5 so you have nothing to worry about any errors while displaying your websites. It is the same for CSS as well. CSS3 is the same way as CSS2 just a bit more advanced features on Selectors, Box Models, Text Effects, User Interface and animations. Knowing CSS3 you are able to design any website according to any specifications.

5 . Better Output on Coding

The W3C are still working on the set of rules for quality CSS3 coding. But there are many tutorials and courses which are available on CSS3. By knowing CSS3 you are also able to match up with any HTML coding and provide a better output with the added features.
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