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5 Reasons :why you need Facebook page for your business

Five Reasons why you need Facebook page for you or your business Facebook is known as a social communication network. Today many people are connected through Facebook with each other. You could use Facebook to do business also. Many people use Facebook to do business in the world today. In this article we will take a look at Facebook and how business is conducted with this massive website.

Categorizes your business appropriately

This is an amazing feature in Facebook. This is such that when you open an advertising page on Facebook about business, you will see a category which covers almost every part of a business. You are also guided through on how to create those pages via Facebook. When people search for a page, and a specific category then in the search results they will also show the category with the name of the company.

Auto Accepts New friends

When people like your page, they will automatically add them to the group. This like feature is a new feature where administrators of the groups do not need to approve requests. All those who like the page could automatically subscribe to live feeds and news from your business.

Apps which make the page useful

Through Facebook pages you are able to access business pages. There are many pages online and you could get their contact details of the company and etc. The static FBML application could give you more information about the Business App Directory.


Facebook has their own analytic environment. This is a huge advantage which Facebook has got. Other companies depend on Google to get their analytics. But Facebook has their own analytic and they can stand firm on their own without depending on any other directory. Through this analytics you are able to track your page views and get insight about the people who have visited your page.

Increased SEO technique

SEP has achieved another level through Facebook. It doesn’t mean that you need to get the key words straight. Though the Facebook SEO features it will track the necessary keywords by itself and then produce in the search results. So you are bound to get advertised wherever in the world you maybe.