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5 reasons why PHP is a great programming language?

5 reasons why PHP is a great programming language?   The world of web is dominated by plethora of programming languages but major chunk of websites (almost 79%) is built on PHP, the general-purpose server sided scripting language created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994 for creating robust and scalable web applications. With other languages such as JavaScript, Python and Ruby are building inroads into the field of web development. So, it is drawing huge flak from online communities and forums for not being sustainable with the rapid advancements of web and mobile technology. On surface level it appears true but according to analyst firm Red Monk’s latest breakdown, PHP still serves as king in WordPress and Drupal, one of the biggest web’s platform. Some experienced developers who started off with PHP still consider it as goldmine for many complex projects so let us understand why PHP still is a great programming language?  
  • Improvisation in PHP- PHP boasts off active community groups which help the developers with the issues faced by them during the development to release cycle of any project. PHP developers takes criticism and continuously challenge to strive for better ideas. Many web developers in the past complained that PHP was slow compared to JavaScript ,as a result PHP 7 was released to curb speed issues. Then followed by the release of PHP 7.4 which flaunts ecosystem of great frameworks such as Laravel, Symfony and Code igniter which provides essential plugins and libraries to counter any issue at hand. Now PHP 8.0 was released in Nov 2020 has remarkable JIT compiler (Just in time) with other unique features which has enhanced the speed further.
  • Simplicity- PHP might not be a versatile language in the world of web but is definitely a maestro in its area of specialisation. With remarkable management of databases, faster processing of files and rapid handling of errors, it is no doubt that it is flexible and customizable language. Most of the businesses leans towards WordPress for its content management and along with PHP, it also has score of competitors overpowering it but still today Both PHP and WordPress are considered the building blocks of web development.
  • Easier to learn- Most of the programmers having two decades of experience with PHP states that although JavaScript has taken to the forefront of web development, PHP is easier to pick up and one can start from scratch with no prior coding experience required. With light syntax and in-built libraries, any novice developer can develop highly responsive web applications in much lesser time and with the benefit of faster loading rate as compared to most of its counterparts.
  • Cheaper software and hosting- With other programming languages, you might need additional plugins and integrations to make it work but with PHP, almost all software tools are open source such as WordPress so it saves your precious money with no compromise on quality though. Even PHP doesn’t require the additional expense of hosting provider as it runs smoothly on Linux server whereas with other programming languages hosting companies will incur extra charges of component required to run the program in a particular framework.
  • Longevity - PHP is way older than other languages and that’s the reason it generates a legacy code and that’s why developers and software companies vouch for PHP till today. It provides rich ecosystem of framework which provides readymade solutions and documentation to help out even a beginner and ace the issues of the project seamlessly. The best part is that you dint have to work with raw PHP code and when integrated with HTML, it really becomes a powerful tool for any developer.
  CONCLUSION- PHP is an excellent framework and it is here to stay because it almost updates its features every year and the developer can navigate through its path in a very smooth manner and it’s the language which sticks around longer and there is no doubt that PHP is the web till date. PHP will be relevant for years to come and more versions will keep up the pace of rapid changes in web and that’s why Acesoftech Academy ,one of the best PHP training centre in Kolkata has diverse pool of professionals that impart real time training so that you can accelerate your career with the most popular framework of web industry.