5 Best Design Job Specializations in 2022: The Careers, Job Roles, Scope, and Paycheck


5 Best Design Job Specializations in 2022: The Careers, Job Roles, Scope, and Paycheck


The following are design job categories with competitive salaries and high demand in the industry in India and globally. You can study for courses in these jobs in a few months to get your certifications. They include Interior design, Industrial design, Interaction design, UI/UX design, and Animation.

Design encompasses creativity, innovation, imagination, and technology. It is one of the trending job opportunities found everywhere for anybody to do as it’s not very difficult nor too easy.

As a result of the technological revolution, design opportunities have increased worldwide as many companies demand design experts.

Design is one of the most lucrative job opportunities today. The job has many branches with high demand in the industry. They include:

  1. Interior design
  2. Industrial design
  3. Interaction design
  4. UI/UX design
  5. Animation

1. Interior Design (ID)  is the top job category in a design career that allows you to use scientific concepts, ideas, theories, and skills to create unique artistic material relevant to the business.

Interior design encompasses scientific and artistic skills that are required to decorate the interior of houses and buildings to create attractive views. Interior designer uses their scientific skills to turn their ideas into reality.

IDs are significant for businesses as they can help design easy-to-read appealing messages.

Interior designers have lots of opportunities in India with a huge paycheck.

2. Industrial design entails products’ technology, form, aesthetics, functions, material, and sustainability. Experts apply problem-solving skills and creativity to add value to their job stations, companies, and people.

Apart from the afro mentioned job roles in industrial design, the following are part of the crucial roles they can play: Product Management, Color material finish designer (CMF), Toy and game design, lighting designer, Medical product designer, Furniture designer (for mass production of furniture), and Accessory designer who help in the mass production of Footwear, Bags, vehicle interiors and many more.

Industrial design is a very lucrative job opportunity in the industry with high pay of 6 lakhs average annual salary.

Industrial designers can design items such as staplers and electronics, chairs, accessories, and many more. You can also work as a freelancer to earn money independently.

3. Motion Designers: An interaction designer produces digital product videos, micro animations, and animations for people to watch. Media stations need them for TV program production.

There are various ways of getting skills and certificates as a motion designer through online study, classroom, internship, and traditional learning institutions like years in universities and college.

As an interaction designer, you need relevant technical skills such as Animation, 3D modeling, texturing, adaptability, lighting effects, and soft skills. As an interactive designer, you can get jobs in computer systems, advertising firms, software companies, and advertising agencies. You can work in Storytelling/Film, installation, Product designing, education, Communication Design, Wearable, service design, Mobile Applications, web design, Human- Robotics Interaction.

As a motion designer, you expect to earn annual average pay of 4 lakhs.

4. UI/UX designing is a lucrative job with high demand in the industry, with an average pay of 5 lakhs per annum with an expected increment. These designers create user-friendly experiences for technology devices such as phones. You can work in big corporations and technology companies. An experienced UX designer can receive 16 lakh-47 lakh per annum in India.


As an animation designer, you need to have skills in using animation tools and artistic skills. As an animation designer, you can get a job in Production stations, e-learning firms, television Channels, digital gaming firms, Independent Animation centers, and UI/UX with a minimum salary of 6.5 lakhs – 8 lakhs and more upon attaining experience. Many Animation experts own their animation businesses. Additionally, they offer a significant contribution to the animation industry in India.


There are at least five top design job categories with competitive pay in India and the world. If you need to get the skills in designing, you can do it as the benefits are far reading. You can earn an average salary of 4 lakhs to 40laks depending on the job roles. The following are some of the top designing job specializations: Interior design, Industrial design, Interaction design, UI/UX design, and Animation.