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Website developed by Rahul Pandey and Chinmoy Mukharjee

Project Description:

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Rahul Pandey     Chinmoy Mukharjee is an articles submission website like where authors can submit their articles for free for SEO link purpose.
This website has been developed by our Acesoftech Academy students Rahul pandey & Chinmony Mukharjee.

Languages/Technologies used :


Features of this website


1. Admin secure login

2. Admin can change password

3. Admin can Add categories/Sub-categories

4. Admin can add articles/delete and Update

5. Admin can View Registered user list

6. Admin can view pending articles

7. Admin can approve the article

8. Admin can reject the article if found in-appropriate

9. Admin can delete article

1. Author can register for free

2. Author can login

3. After login he can update his photo and profile

4. User can Submit article

5. Article will show pending until admin checks and approves

6. Once admin approves the article the article is live

7. If user updates the article it again goes to pending and does not show until its approved again

8. Home page shows list of categories

9. If user clicks on the category list then its shows all related articles of that categories

10. Right side shows latest articles list

11. Right side also shows the most viewed article’s list

12. Bottom section shows the list of top authors.

13. If you click on any particular author then list of all the submitted articles of that author shows.

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