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Mean Stack Training in Kolkata


Web technologies are changing fast like never before.

Advance UX Developer has always been one of the most lucrative jobs which attract thousands of educated youngsters every year.

User interface of any website has gone under major changes in recent years. It has become complex as compared to few years back.

Gone are the days When HTML, CSS and core javascript were enough to develop front of the website.

The demand of front-developer has gone up considerably.

Acesoftech Academy has been pioneer in implementing latest and future technologies in its course. And this course is one step towards that direction.

In this course, you will learn latest and advance technologies to develop a rich and robust front-end web application.

If you want to become a professional front-end developer then you are at right place.

This course includes NodeJs, AngularJs,ExpressJs and MongoDb. These are popularly called as MEAN Stack.

In this course our professional trainers will show you step by-step how to develop a powerful front-end application and also mobile application.

Mean Stack / Full Stack developer course details
  • Basic Javascript
  • Javascript Basic Tags
  • String
  • Array
  • Functions
  • Understanding error handling
  • Using try..catch
  • Using try..catch..finally
  • The throw statement
  • Exception analysis and rethrow
  • Prototypal inheritance
  • Understanding Inheritance
  • Inheritance, the __proto__
  • Object.create, Object.getPrototypeOf
  • Object.create, Object.getPrototypeOf
  • The prototype
  • Crossbrowser Object.create(proto)
  • Has Own Property
  • Looping with/without inherited properties
  • OOP patterns
  • General concepts
  • Pseudo-classical pattern
  • All-in-one constructor pattern
  • Factory constructor pattern
  • Early and Late Bindings
  • Use cases/mistakes
  • Binding with var self = this
  • Early binding
  • Function.prototype.bind
  • Comparison
  • Late binding
  • Problems of early binding
  • The late binding in action
  • The "instanceof" operator
  • The instanceof operator
  • When instanceof lies
  • The "constructor" property
  • The origins of constructor
  • Keeping constructor up to date
  • Extending Natives
  • Modifying native prototypes
  • Inheriting from native objects
  • Method borrowing
  • Node.js Introduction
  • Node.js Environment Setup
  • Node.js First Application
  • Node.js REPL Terminal
  • Node.js Package Manager (NPM)
  • Node.js Callbacks Concept
  • Node.js Event Loop
  • Node.js Event Emitter
  • Node.js Buffers
  • Node.js Streams
  • Node.js File System
  • Node.js Global Objects
  • Node.js Utility Modules
  • Node.js Web Module
  • Node.js Express Framework
  • Node.js Express Framework
  • Node.js Scaling Application
  • Node.js Packaging
  • AngularJS - Home
  • AngularJS - Overview
  • AngularJS - Environment Setup
  • AngularJS - MVC Architecture
  • AngularJS - First Application
  • AngularJS - Directives
  • AngularJS - Expressions
  • AngularJS - Controllers
  • AngularJS - Filters
  • AngularJS - Tables
  • AngularJS - HTML DOM
  • AngularJS - Modules
  • AngularJS - Forms
  • AngularJS - Includes
  • AngularJS - AJAX
  • AngularJS - Views
  • AngularJS - Scopes
  • AngularJS - Services
  • AngularJS - Dependency Injection
  • AngularJS - Custom Directives
  • AngularJS - Internalization
  • AngularJS Applications
  • AngularJS - ToDo Application
  • AngularJS - Notepad Application
  • AngularJS - Bootstrap Application
  • AngularJS - Login Application
  • AngularJS - Upload File
  • AngularJS - In-line Application
  • AngularJS - Nav Menu
  • AngularJS - Switch Menu
  • AngularJS - Order Form
  • AngularJS - Search Tab
  • AngularJS - Drag Application
  • AngularJS - Cart Application
  • AngularJS - Translate Application
  • AngularJS - Chart Application
  • AngularJS - Maps Application
  • AngularJS - Share Application
  • AngularJS - Weather Application
  • AngularJS - Timer Application
  • AngularJS - Leaflet Application
  • AngularJS - Lastfm Application
  • Project - Insert/Update/Delete Using AngularJs
  • MongoDB - Home
  • MongoDB - Overview
  • MongoDB - Advantages
  • MongoDB - Environment
  • MongoDB - Data Modeling
  • MongoDB - Create Database
  • MongoDB - Drop Database
  • MongoDB - Create Collection
  • MongoDB - Drop Collection
  • MongoDB - Data Types
  • MongoDB - Insert Document
  • MongoDB - Query Document
  • MongoDB - Update Document
  • MongoDB - Delete Document
  • MongoDB - Projection
  • MongoDB - Limiting Records
  • MongoDB - Sorting Records
  • MongoDB - Indexing
  • MongoDB - Aggregation
  • MongoDB - Replication
  • MongoDB - Sharding
  • MongoDB - Create Backup
  • MongoDB - Deployment
  • MongoDB - Java
  • MongoDB - PHP
  • Advanced MongoDB
  • MongoDB Relationships
  • MongoDB Database References
  • MongoDB Covered Queries
  • MongoDB Analyzing Queries
  • MongoDB Atomic Operations
  • MongoDB Advanced Indexing
  • MongoDB Indexing Limitations
  • MongoDB ObjectId
  • MongoDB Map Reduce
  • MongoDB Text Search
  • MongoDB Regular Expression
  • Working with Rockmongo
  • MongoDB GridFS
  • MongoDB Capped Collections
  • MongoDB Auto-Increment Sequence
  • Creating a website using Nodejs / Express
    • Express setup
    • Nodejs Contact form using nodemailer
    • Page Routes and Views
  • E Commerce Website - Creating an online bookstore
    • Admin - Insert/Update/Delete Books
    • Setting up zurb’s foundation
    • Setting up routes and views
    • Using ExpressJs
    • Setting Up MongoDb database
    • Setting Up Models
    • Creating shopping Cart
    • Creating Checkout
  • Nodejs Chat System
    • Chat I/O user interface
    • Sending Chat Message
    • User Functionality
    • Deploy the chat project on Heroku
Level 3: Live International project in Acesoftech
    At this level the students will get involved with on-going international projects under the guidance of industry experts. They will gather valuable first hand experience working shoulder to shoulder with the companies working professionals.
    FEES : Rs.16,000
    INSTALLMENTS: Rs.8000+ Rs.4000(after one month)+ Rs.4000(again after one month)
Who can Join this course?
  • Anyone who wants to build a solid career as UX/Front-end Developer.
  • Web Developers who are already working in the industry.
  • Website designers who want to devlop mobile Apps without knowledge of JAVA
  • Project managers who want to monitor and assist the team.
Why Acesoftech Academy

1.Course Content: Our course has been designed as per current and future industry demand with latest technologies. The course has been designed by the industry expert. You may compare the course content and fees with other institutes in all over India and you will see the difference yourself.


2. Professional and Industry oriented trainers: Our trainers are industry expert and have excellent knowledge of working in industry as well as providing training.


3. Project is priority: To get real world exposure, it’s necessary to work on project. Without project, you will not get idea how in the industry work is done. We provide free domain with this course which is totally yours and you can make your projects live on this domain and include in your CV.


4. Individual care for students: Though we provide batch training as well as individual training, but in both the cases our trainers pay attention on each and every student


5. 100% Job guarantee: We provide 100% Job guarantee with this course. For details please click here.


6. Low fees: Compare course duration, course content and then compare fees. You will find lowest price in the industry.


7. Book & CD: As you know, it’s not possible to cover each and every aspect of Web Design in this short span of course. Extra useful and advance subjects are provided in book so that you can get in-depth knowledge of particular subjects.


8. Other study Materials: Apart from book we provide other useful graphics and videos also which will be very useful for enhancing your knowledge through practice.

Who should you join this web design course in Kolkata?

1. Graduate who wants to build a solid career in web design.

2. Web Designers who want to get advance web design concept and exposure.

3. 12th pass candidates who is struggling for getting jobs.

4. Graphic designers who want to make a great career in web designing.

5. Small and medium company websites owners who want to have web design knowledge to monitor clients and staffs.

6. Candidates who want to learn modern and current web design technologies for designing super interactive websites.

Benefits of joining web design training center in Kolkata

1. You will get knowedge of latest and advance technologies.

2. You will be working on MEAN stack which has become popular in recent years.

3. You will learn how to develop mobile Apps.

4. How to publish mobile Apps on Google Play and others.

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