Six stratagies that will definitely work for search engine optimization. (S.E.O)

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Search Engine Optimisation is always going to come into the conversation when you are working on a Digital Marketing Campaign.  And, let’s face it, everything today is digital.  All big companies have websites and mostly, smaller companies have them too.  If you want to stay ahead of the game, you need to get your digital information out there to the people who are ultimately going to buy from you and support you.


This means you need to have a brilliant Search Engine Optimisation campaign.  These are the six strategies that we think are the most important.


Long form content

Think hard about the content that you generate.  In the past there has been a trend towards short posts, especially on a blog.  But we have learned that it is long form content that will gain more traffic.  Long form content can be anything from 1000 to 2500 words but can go into essay form, i.e. 10,000.  A blog or essay that is long form content gets higher Google rankings.   Content should also be creative (of course), using key words and key phrases (of course), be interactive where possible, and have pictures.  Think about what you look at when you read something – you want it to be easy on the eye.  Infographics, pics with information, are important.


Creativity and Quality

This goes together with content.  It is not enough to just write a 2000 word blog.  You need it to be interesting, informative, creative and something that will be shared, liked, referred to and read again.  Work with a good digital writer or become a good writer yourself.  Be smart, be aware and be inspirational.   Change your content fairly often too.  Update your website, keep your blogs regular, post on Social Media regularly.  Keep it interesting.



We touched on this above but here but it is important.  Because of the busy lives we lead, people have limited attention spans these days; they like to read articles rather than books. And the articles, which can be blogs or essays, need to stay in the reader’s mind.  Pictures, or infographics as they are called, will do this.  Between your content, place a pic or two or more with a headline about what the pic is.  It will lead to more readers, more shares and ultimately to new leads and new business.


Social media

These days everyone uses Social Media, whether it is personal or for business.  And if you have a webpage, it must be connected to the various Social Media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest.  You need to use Social Media cleverly.  Have a brand and stick to that brand; don’t deviate and go all over the place?  Your customers will use Social Media to rave about you for brilliant service and they will also use it to complain about you.  Tackle everything on, head first.  Be interactive, respond to the good by saying thank you and respond to the bad with an apology and a way to make it up.  Post regularly but not too regularly.  You do not want to overwhelm your potential customer but you do want to be informative, creative and interactive.


Blog comments

You know people who comment on your blog? They are not always doing it for you, they may well be doing it for them.  Blog comments are a great way to drive people to your own site or to link your own site, or for them to link their site to yours.  Have your comments

comment section.  Again, not too much, never over-whelm and never be too ‘obvious’ with open, always respond to them, and – follow other like minded blogs too and use their you’re linking.  But you can definitely do this every once in a while.


Mobile technology and mobile-first strategy

People sit on their smart phones looking for information.  Bear in mind, not all web pages are designed for mobile users.  Make quite sure that yours is.  Your site needs to be easy to use on a mobile device and it needs to look great on the same device.  It is worth spending that extra bit of time or money to make sure you are mobile-friendly.  Check out Google who has several features that will help you for mobile digital marketing or websites.


Accelerated Mobile Pages

This goes together with a mobile-first strategy.  Google likes AMP  (Accelerated Mobile Pages).  It allows websites to make page that are able to load immediately on to a mobile device.   There are three sections and you need to read up and understand them; they are a big part of digital marketing.  AMP HTML, AMP JS and Google AMP Cache are all important strategies and will help drive traffic to you, which is what it is all about in the end.


SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION.  These three words are crucial in any digital marketing and to get your website and your digital information working for you.