Most Effective Free Website Designers Online


Most Effective Free Website Designers Online

In the past few years, India has experienced tremendous technological development. India may usher in the technical, or fourth Industrial, revolution now as the chance is high.

The proliferation of digital platforms in India is one of the main reasons for this anticipated change. Web design is one of the most profitable careers today.  Build a career with Web Design Courses at Web Design Training Institute, Kolkata.

1.  GoDaddy

It’s a well-known, dependable, and user-friendly platform for web design, hosting services, domain sales, etc. It is safe and appears to hold promise. It provides free access to more than 100 templates for its consumers.

GoDaddy is the best option for anyone looking for an easy and quick way to create a website. It has the ADI function that builds web-based on your answers to questions.

2.  Wix

It enables you to create a free and attractive website. Wix is better than GoDaddy as 800plus web templates for its clients. Additionally, it offers a free Search engine Wizard to help clients increase their traffic. You don’t need prior coding skills as a reason to use the Wix site.

3.  Weebly

Weebly is an ideal choice for newbies. Weebly is regarded as the best platform for novices as it allows clients to sell their products on its e-commerce platform at no extra cost.

It offers its customers organized themes, beginner-friendly suggestions, and more than 50 attractive themes.

4.  WordPress

It’s the most widely used website builder. It has built at least 39% of websites. WordPress has inbuild search engine tools that enable you to optimize your site easily. With WordPress, you do not need the conversion of PSD to HTML because it has an inbuilt theme. Additionally, WordPress has a built-in Theme.

Purchase a domain, and WordPress will take care of the rest, allowing you to browse and show things flawlessly.

5.  Mailchimp

It covers most consumer needs. That is a free drag-and-drop editor that has the same user interface (UX) as the mail management program. You have free access to themes and colors and can create your preferred color.

Mailchimp’s builder does not have a domain. That makes MailChimp a little expensive because you will buy a domain for at least $ 10 in the first year. When the list goes over 2,000, you may upgrade to premium mail promotions as you expand and gain access to more capabilities.

A Mailchimp web is an excellent choice for small businesses selling items like coaching due to its free appointment scheduling tools and e-commerce.

6.  The Webflow

It is a drag-and-drop, no-code website editor which provides more design freedom than most. With an editor that most team members would be acquainted with and that is simple to use. This builder is a great choice.

The tail end is simple and easy to understand. Although Webflow has a designed content management system (CMS) for managing blogs and other website material, including Search engine optimization services, its features are not as extensive for content sites like blogs.

New tech startups are becoming fond of Webflow. Without investing all of your efforts in web design and management, it provides cutting-edge design possibilities that allow you to remain competitive.

7.  SITE123

SITE123 is a simple-to-use website designer that provides packages catered to bloggers, small businesses, and e-commerce. SITE1234 allows you to create a website free of charge Upgrading to a premium plan will get you access to more services.

You don’t need to start from scratch when you can use SITE123’s web templates. The templates, however, are outdated.

8.  Ucraft

It’s a free web-building platform with drag-and-editor, e-commerce, and Content Management System functions. Ucraft enables you to build and link the web to your domain for free.

9.  Jimdo

It’s one of the best web builders that help small businesses get a digital presence easily and fast. It enables you to build appealing optimized pages.

The builder doesn’t charge processing fees for orders. You can add a digital shop or schedule appointments for as little as $18 per month.

You may build a logo and acquire the file types for advertising your firm online using Jimdo’s free logo maker.



The above-listed website builders are free. They are among the best builders that you can consider. Some have more features than others. You can choose the best fit for yourself.