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Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP: A part of Digital Marketing strategy

Google Amp is framework to turn websites into mobile friendly version. AMP stands for accelerated mobile pages. A report unveils that 75% of the people in the world have mobile phones and 57% of them use the internet on their phones. Google introduced AMP so that people can open any website on their mobile quickly and easily and experience the same user experience as on the web. Since it is mobile friendly and has many other benefits too, it was highly liked by people.


What Is Google AMP


AMP is an open-source framework that helps in easily converting any of the web pages into mobile-friendly pages so you can find any content in your mobile as well. This basically works like an application that lets all web pages become mobile friendly. This application is designed in a way which fastens it to open web pages. AMP has HTML, JS and Cache Libraries, which makes it more user-specific, and accelerates its load time without having rich content like PDFs, video or audio. For mobile devices


Benefits of AMP

  1. Site loading & reloading speed:Enabling AMP makes the website to load in a fraction of section.
  3. Website Traffic:AMP enabled websites are given more importance in terms of ranking on the google. If you have enabled AMP on the website then you can have a great advantage in the search ranking, which will help in increasing the traffic.
  5. User Experience:AMP optimizes the website’s content to a readable form which can retain users on your website for longer times and bounce rate will be reduced.

How to enable AMP in WordPress website?


Enabling AMP in WordPress blog is very much easy. For this you simply have to install a free WordPress plugin and AMP will be enabled on the site.

Here are the steps:

  • Log in to the WordPress dashboard.
  • Click on the option of the plugin from the menu section and click on Add plugin option.
  • In the search box, type AMP by Automatic and install the first plugin from the list.
  • Activate the plugin when it is installed.

Once the AMP plugin is activated, you do not need to do anything as AMP is automatically enabled on your website.



Now question is; Is AMP or accelerated Mobile pages a ranking factor?


The answer is, No. AMP is not a ranking factor for the time being but Google may consider AMP as a ranking factor. For example, initially using https was not a ranking factor, but later Google put https as a ranking factor. Similarly, mobile friendliness and responsive pages were also not a ranking factor but, later Google made It mandatory for all website to be responsive and put AMP as ranking factor.

So, it’s advisable to use AMP in the website because its user friendly also. Because it loads faster in mobile. So the user does not have to wait for long to load the pages.


AMP and Wordpress SEO



In our Digital Marketing course in Kolkata, we teach how you can setup your Wordpress website for AMP. As you know Wordpress provides most of the SEO related tool out of box and you don’t need to scramble for the information and spend hours to create the AMP page. What you need to do is that just install a single plug-in called  ‘AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages’. You need to install this plugin and then you do some basic configuration, and the work is done. You don’t need to create AMP page on your own.


If you cannot do all these things, we have our own Digital Marketing agency in Kolkata UNA WEBTECH which provides Digital Marketing services in Kolkata and anywhere in the world.