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10 best websites in the world

Website keep developing day by day and the need for webpages never die off. What actually takes it so much for a website to be impressive? There are several factors. We could view the best 10 websites in the world for more tips on this.

1 . Apple

Apple stands in number 1 as the best website in the world. This is because it is simple and also gives a powerful message to all the users of the site. It is easy to navigate and also people like the navigation as they enjoy browsing through the website.

2 . Mozilla

Mozilla stands in number 2 as it is fresh, clear and simple. The design is positive and people get the best out of the webpage. They basically know what they want from the page.

3 . Icon Buffet

Iconbuffet.com is the number 3 in the list. This websites sells icons and the typography and the theme has become powerful for users to select this webpage as one of the best in the world.

4 . Why We Whisper

WhyWeWhisper.com is another website which is amazing. It stands as number 4 because the page design of the webpage is amazing and the typography catches the attention of anyone.

5 . Circo Grafico

CircoGrafico is another amazing website which is the site of Alex Dukal who is an illustrator and the website shows well about the works he has done and because of the illustration the site has become amazing

6 . Enhanced Labs

Enhanced Labs is also a website which focuses on icon making and giving good icons for their customers. They are number 6 in the top list for the best websites in the world. The features have able to stand out from the rest.

7 . Protplize

Protplize.org is another website which is built so well using the web 2.0 platform. A simple navigation collaborated with usable features have made the website among the top 10 websites in the world list.

8 . Bear Skin Rugs

Bearskinrug is another illustrator website of Kevin Cornell and the style is completely different and the theme has been able to attract users as it has been able to keep the style throughout the webpage.

9 . Corkd

Corkd.com is a cleanly designed website and it is easy and fun to browse. There is nothing much information about it but the cleanliness has been able to attract customers as there is not much of distraction in the website. 10. Sum Agency

10 . Sum Agency

Our final website in the top 10 list is sumagency.com which has a balanced website and does not have much graphic and the text is just simply neat. That is why the website is selected as one of the best websites in the world. You can get an idea about the 10 best websites in the world through these tips. When you are making your webpage you could also take these notes into consideration so that you could improve. Acesoftech is a web development institute for all you needs. You could find more information on www.acesoftech.com through their web development courses they will make sure that you get the best web developing experience so that you could compete with the world. Join them today.

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