WordPress Course Training Institute In Ghatshila, Jharkhand


WordPress Course Training Institute In Ghatshila, Jharkhand

Best WordPress Training Institute in Ghatshila, Jharkhand

Looking for a WordPress training course in Ghatshila, Jharkhand? Look no further than the Institute for Web Design and Development! We offer a comprehensive WordPress course that will teach you everything you need to know to create a successful website or blog. The course covers all aspects of WordPress, from installation and configuration to creating content and managing users. We even cover advanced topics like customizing your site with plugins and themes. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced web developer, our WordPress course is the perfect way to learn how to use this popular content management system. If you are looking for Avanced and professional WordPress institute in Ghatshila, Jharkhand, you are at right place. If you are searching for WordPress Course Training Institute In Ghatshila, Jharkhand, you are at right place.

More than one types of courses we offer:

1.For developer: If you want to do WordPress training course in Ghatshila, Jharkhand and if you are a developer, this course is for you. In this course we teach you coding level including custom post type, Plugin development etc. Theme customization, theme development custom page template creation etc. will be included in this.

Course Details:

  • 1. WordPress Installation
  • 2. Difference between Framework and CMS
  • 3. Admin Dashboard
    • 1. Add Pages
    • 2. Add Post
    • 3. Difference between Post and Pages
    • 4. Install demo theme
    • 5. Create New theme
  • 6. HTML5 to WordPress
  • 7. What is Custom Post Type?
  • 8. Create Custom post type and show values in theme template
  • 9. Create Custom Template and fetch data and show
  • 10. Plugin Development
    • 1. Create Simple Plugin
    • 2. Create Database, front-end & backend Plugin
  • 11.WooCommerce
    • 1. WooCommerce Installation
    • 2. Add Categories and Products
    • 3. Theme customization
  • 12. Payment Gateway Integration
  • 15. Premium theme
    • 1. Install Premium theme
    • 2. Create Custom home page with Backery builder
  • 16. Installing Security Plugins

2.For website designer: If you are a website designer and thinking to learn wordpess in Ghatshila, Jharkhand from professional, Acesoftech Academy will help you to achieve this goal. Our focus will be to teach you theme builders so that you can develop the website fast. Our WordPress developer-cum-trainers will help you learn WordPress step-by-step.

Course Details:

  • 1. WordPress Installation
  • 2. Why WordPress
  • 3. Admin Dashboard
  • 1. Add Pages
  • 2. Add Post
  • 3. Difference between Post and Pages
  • 4. Install demo theme
  • 5. Customize theme from Admin
  • 6. HTML5 to WordPress
  • 7. What is Custom Post Type?
  • 8. Use of ACF(Advanced Custom Post Type)
  • 9. Show data of ACF
  • 10. Plugin Installaton
    • 1. Contact Form 7 installatin
    • 2.Contact form 7 customization with Google Map
  • 11.WooCommerce
    • 1. WooCommerce Installation
    • 2. Add Categories and Products
    • 3. Theme customization though Builder
  • 12. Payment Gateway Integration
  • 15. Premium theme
    • 1. Install Premium theme
    • 2. Create Custom home page with Backery builder
  • 16. Installing Security Plugins

3.For Non-technical: There are cases, when you are blogger, you are a small business owner and wants to develop beautiful website as well as maintain yourself. You are looking for professional WordPress Training institute in Ghatshila, Jharkhand but unable to find. Don’t worry at all, Acesoftech Academy will help you to achieve your this dream. We provide WordPress course in Ghatshila, Jharkhand with instructor based live training.

Course Details:

  • 1. WordPress Intro
  • 2. Installation
    • i. Local Machine
    • ii. Through Cpanel
  • 3. Admin Dashboard
  • 4. Add Post
  • 5. Add Pages
  • 6. Add Categories
  • 7. Manage Tags
  • 8. Install demo theme
  • 9. Install premium theme
  • 10. Understanding site builder
  • 11. How to customize home page
  • 12. How to create sections
  • 13. Installing plugins
  • 14. How to customize contact form7
  • 15. Creating e-commerce website
    • 1. Installing Woo Commerce
    • 2. Add Categories
    • 3. Add Products
    • 4. Add Attributes
    • 5. Customize home page
  • 16. Add Payment gateway
  • 17. Integrate PayTM, Razor Pay etc.
  • 18. How to add your bank and receive Payments
  • 19. SEO optimize your website
  • 20. Secure your website

WordPress Jobs in metro cities of India

Why choose us for WordPress Training in Ghatshila, Jharkhand

  • Acesoftech Academy has been providing WordPress Training course for last 12 years.
  • We are the first WordPress Training institute in Kolkata which had started the wordpres course in Kolkata.
  • Our CEO, Mr. Umar Rahman has himself been working in WordPress just after 2 years of its launch.
  • Our own website Acesoftech Academy is developed using WordPress only.
  • We have experienced word Press developer who has been working for international companies as a WordPress developer.
  • We care one-to-one training to the students.
  • We have dedicated forums where you can access and post your queries, we try to answer it as soon as possible.
  • We provide offline as well as online, both the modes of WordPress training. If you want to do offline class. You will have to join our WordPress training course in Kolkata.
  • We have week-days as well week-end classes available. You can choose as per your convenience.
  • We provide demo class, you can attend WordPress demo class and then decide to take admission.
  • We provide course material as PDF and video format.
  • You can do individual training also. The cost of individual training is higher.
  • We provide corporate WordPress Training also. In case you want to get the training delivered to your employees, we can arrange class for that.

WordPress Training Course Institute in Ghatshila, Jharkhand

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems in the world, and it powers millions of websites. If you’re looking to create a website or blog, WordPress is a great option. And, if you’re looking to learn more about WordPress and how to use it, there are plenty of WordPress courses available.In Ghatshila, Jharkhand, there are several WordPress training institutes that can help you learn more about this powerful platform. These institutes offer both classroom-based and online courses, so you can choose the learning method that best suits your needs. Whether you’re a complete beginner or you already have some experience with WordPress, these courses can help you take your skills to the next level.So, if you’re interested in learning more about WordPress and how to use it effectively, be sure to check out one of the many WordPress courses available in Ghatshila, Jharkhand. With the help of a knowledgeable instructor, you’ll be able to master this popular content management system in no time.

Can I get freelance work as WordPress Developer in Ghatshila, Jharkhand

If you’re a WordPress developer in Ghatshila, Jharkhand, there’s good news for you – there are plenty of opportunities for freelance work available. WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems in the world, and developers with experience in building WordPress sites are in high demand.There are a few different ways to find WordPress freelance work. You can search for projects on freelancer job boards, or reach out to businesses and organizations directly to inquire about work. There are also a number of agencies that specialize in placing WordPress developers on projects.No matter how you find your work, if you’re able to deliver quality results and meet deadlines, you’ll be in high demand as a WordPress freelancer. So if you’re looking for an opportunity to earn some extra income, or even make a full-time living as a freelancer, Ghatshila, Jharkhand is a great place to start your search.

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Our WordPress courses provide a comprehensive understanding of the platform, with no experience required. Upon completion, you’ll receive a WordPress certificate that is internationally recognized.

Job Support:

We provide 100% placement support after completing the course. This placement support is provided to designers and developers only. So, if in_ have enough jobs then we try to place in _ only or we have active placement cell all over India, we can help to get the job anywhere in India. Also, we have our own Job portal where you can register yourself, we will provide life-time job support for free.

Trainer’s Profile:

Imtiyaz Ansari

Tanzil Ansari

Shalini Sharma

Rahul Mondal

WordPress Projects:

If you find yourself with too many clients, we’re happy to offer website development services. We have a large team of developers to help you get the work done in a timely and professional manner.

WordPress Jobs avaivility in freelancer websites

WordPress FAQs from Ghatshila

If you search in Google you can find several WordPress Training institutes in Ghatshila. But as long as quality WordPress course is concerned, you will find Acesoftech Academy as the best WordPress Training center in Ghatshila.

We provide online and offline both. But we provide online WordPress Training in Ghatshila. This is instructor-based live training in Ghatshila.

WordPress Course in delivered by a WordPress developer who has industry experience. They have worked in the industry as well as provide training also. So, you will get hand-on experience after learning the course.

Yes, a website designer can learn WordPress. They can build a website using a theme builder, they can install plugins, can customize the design of the plugins, they can also develop an e-commerce website without PHP MYSQL knowle

Yes, in this course, you will learn how to create a simple plugins, you will learn how to develop database driven plugins and also you will learn how to develop WordPress plugin-in which will cover front-end, back-end and database, etc.

If you want to do class-room course, you can come down to our training institute in Kolkata. We provide class-room-based WordPress training in Kolkata.

If you know PHP MYSQL, you can do coding level of WordPress customization, and also you can develop plugins, etc. But, if you do not know PHP MySQL, still you can learn WordPress. There are a lot of plugins available that you can customize with CSS and HTML and you can develop good websites.

Actually, this depends upon your other knowledge. For example, if you know PHP MYSQL properly and learns WordPress then the salary will be higher such as 15k to 20k per month. If you are an experienced PHP developer then you will get more that what you are currently getting.

Yes, we have course for anyone who does not have any PHP MYSQL or any coding knowledge also. WordPress is so beautifully developed that even no-technical can develop the website.

Yes, you can develop a a professional-level of WordPress website after learning a WordPress course in Ghatshila at Acesoftech Academy. We provide Project based live training in Ghatshila in our online WordPress course in India.

Yes, using WooCommerce plugin, you can develop full-fledged e-commerce website with Payment gateway.

Yes, there is a lot of Freelancing opportunists after learning WordPress course. Acesoftech Academy provides the course in such a way that you can easily work on any project as a freelancer from your own city Ghatshila

It hardly takes few minutes to setup the WordPress website. Once you install and setup you can customize the theme. It will take time depending upon your customization requirements.

Worpress.com is the website where you can host your website for free with free subdomain. On the other hand wordpress.org is used to download and install WordPress your local machine. Or CPanel.

WordPress ecommerce is good for small to medium sized business. There is no limitation of products upload in WooCommerce

maximum batch size is 10-15 students per batch. We keep batch size smaller so that we can maintain the quality of the training.

Yes, we conduct week days as well as week-end classes online and offline. Or offline classes are only at Kolkata branch and online WordPress Training can be conducted from anywhere in world. So, if you want to attend week-end classes in Ghatshila you can enrol for the class.

Sorry, WordPress course fees are already less, so there is no installment facility for this course.

Yes, apart from individual WordPress Training, we also provide corporate training in Ghatshila. If you have a company and wants your employee to get trained in WordPress, we conduct corporate training also. And the charges for corporate WordPress training is less. So, if interest, please contact us with your details.

We have dedicated forum where you can post your query, our team will try to resolve the query as soon possible. Also, you can post your query in WhatsApp, we will try to resolve in free time.

Yes, once the course is completed successfully, we provide a certificate also. The certificate can be submitted any company and it will be valid.

SEO plugin and basic SEO are covered in this course. If you want to learn full Digital marketing course in Ghatshila, you can click the link and check the details.

Yes, during the WordPress training we also teach you how to secure WordPress websites.

WordPress itself is very secure. However if you install third party insecure and vulnerable plugins, that causes problem and give a chance to the hackers to hack your website.

If you want to learn PHP MySQL Training in Ghatshila you can click on the link and check compete PHP MySQL course details here.

If you don’t know HTML CSS and wants to learn additional. You can contact us for that we will charge minimal with this course.

Yes, if you want to develop WordPress website for your Ghatshila clients, you can promote this in social media and other channels also. That will give you an opportunity to get local clients. Apart from that we have all over India clients’ connection, we can also help in that.

Minimum i3, 4 gb ram and 1db HDD is enough to run WordPress properly. Even lower than this requirement also does not cause you the problem.

If you want to do online WordPress course, you need laptop, headphone and internet connection.

You can attend the class through mobile phone but, for practice you need laptop or desktop.

Please check above, we have 3 types of WordPress courses, one for website designer, one for website developer and one for non-technical person. So, you can select any course you like.

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