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What is MEAN Stack?

MEAN stack is a technology which is used to develop fast, interactive and user-friendly web applications. MEAN is an acronym of Mongo DB, ExpressJs , Angular and NodeJs NodeJs : NodeJs is a JavaScript engine for executing JavaScript code.

NodeJs event-loop based JavaScript platform which is used to develop applications which can handle large concurrent-users. It is built on same technology which Google chrome uses, called V-8 Engine.
Angular Is a JavaScript framework which runs along with HTML, CSS and is fast, interactive and very user-friendly. Angular is based on Components which is very handy for developing modular web applications. Components are reusable which saves time and effort also.
ExPressJS is a JavaScript framework which works along with NodeJs .ExpressJs helps in database operation of any application software with node. It is used for backend application handling. Mongo DB is a NoSql database engine which works on JSon format. Mongo Db is mainly used for cloud based application. It can also handle large data. Unlike SQL, it does not have fixed schema, that’s why it’s called NoSql.