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Is MEAN Stack stable? Is this a career-oriented course?

Durability of any technology depends upon on the fact that how big its community is and also which are the companies which are supporting that technology or language. First, lets understand one thing that in MEAN stack, a single language is used called JavaScript. And JavaScript is a very old programing language. JavaScript was started in 1995 and it has covered a long time since then.

All MEAN stack technologies, Angular, Mongo, Nodejs and ExpressJs are based on JavaScript language. So, it’s going to stay here in future also.
Another thing is that Nodejs is developed by Google and Google team along with other top companies are working constantly to improve this.
Mongo Db is also JavaScript based open source database engine which can store large data in Jason(JavaScript) format.
Angular And ExpressJs is based on JavaScript also and developed by Google. For development of Angular Application, mainly Typescript is used. TypeScript is developed my Microsoft.
Also, MEAN stack community is developing very fast. If you ask one question, in Stack Overflow, you will get several answers.
It’s a very popular technology and it’s going to stay for long.So it’s great idea to build solid career in this technology.