MEAN Stack Projects: Check before you enroll for MEAN stack course

Acesoftech Academy is known for its advanced, quality-based and project-based training. We make sure that you get training which is value for money and time spent. Before you decide for taking admission for MEAN stack to any MEAN stack training institute in Kolkata, I strongly recommend you to read this page.

The purpose of this page is to demonstrate you few working MEAN projects which has been ether developed by our students of our trainer.

Its not that we are the only MEAN stack training institute in Kolkata which provides this course. There are other MEAN stack training centres also which clams to provide good MEAN stack course. So, what is special that you should learn this course from our institute and not from others?

We know that you want to learn this course for your career and also you want to have in-depth knowledge.

But question arises, how one can gain in-depth knowledge about MEAN stack course?

You can get in-depth knowledge through proper concept clearance and projects. Yes, you heard right, projects.

Unless you do at least 2-3 different types of projects, you will not get depth knowledge.Neither will you have confidence of doing the projects in the company.

Also, projects play a big role when you apply fora new job based on MEAN stack skill. If you show live projects at the time of interview, there is higher chance of hiring as well as there is better chance of getting good salary.

          Also, giving answers to questions related to MEAN stack becomes easier, because you have done practical things. So, while answering the questions of interview, you are comfortable in giving answers.

Below are few of the live projects about which I am going to explain how they have been developed and what features are.

While doing MEAN stack course, you will do similar types of projects.

Remember! Projects are our main focus.

Few Live and Projects on MEAN stack

Project-1 – Example-1

  1. Static 5 page Live project with No database API

This Angular 7 project has been developed by our MEAN stack student from Ranchi called Sanjay Singh.

There are following features of this project.

  1. It has been built using Angular 7.
  2. A HTML5 template has been taken and integrated into Angular.
  3. He has used Bootstrap and Jquery in this project.
  4. Angular’s Routing feature has been used in this.
  5. As you can see, the pages change without whole page refresh.
  6. Page URL changes based on click.
  7. Title, meta keywords as well as meta description also changes based on click(SEO friendly
  8. Jquey slider has been used at home page.

Similar type of project you will do while learning Angular 7. This type of project will be your first project

Project-1 – Example-2

This is another example of Angular project.

This page of MEAN stack has been developed by our trainer.

Our own MEAN stack page has been developed in Angular 7.

And the blow page is non-mean stack page. You can see the difference.

As you can see the Angular page is very flexible, fast and very user-friendly. That is why MEAN stack is so popular.

Project 2- Example 1 | Using REST API

This project has been developed by Vishal Saw. A MEAN stack student from Kolkata

Link :

Technologies used:

Angualar 7



Blog Project Features:

  1. Admin
    1. Admin Login
      1. All the pages of admin can be accessed only after login in
      1. Once admin work is done, admin can logout.
    1. Categories
      1. Add Categories
      1. Update Categories
      1. View list of Categories
      1. Delete Categories
    1. Articles
      1. Add Articles with Image
      1. View Articles
      1. Update article
      1. Delete article
    1. Pages
      1. Add pages
      1. View pages
      1. Edit pages
      1. Delete pages

Project 2- Example 2 | Using PHP REST API

Technologies used:

Angualar 7



E-Commerce Project Features:

  1. Admin
    1. Admin Login
      1. All the pages of admin can be accessed only after login in
      1. Once admin work is done, admin can logout.
    1. Categories
      1. Add Categories
      1. Update Categories
      1. View list of Categories
      1. Delete Categories
    1. Products
      1. Add Product with Image
      1. View products
      1. Update products
      1. Delete products

Project-3 E Commerce

(MEAN Stack Project)

Technologies USED:

Angular 7,  Nodejs, , MongoDB, ExpressJs

Project Type:  E-Commerce

E-Commerce Project Features:

  1. Admin
    1. Admin Login
      1. All the pages of admin can be accessed only after login in
      1. Once admin work is done, admin can logout.
    1. Categories
      1. Add Categories
      1. Update Categories
      1. View list of Categories
      1. Delete Categories
    1. Products
      1. Add Product with Image
      1. View products
      1. Update products
      1. Delete products
  • Front
    • Home page
    • Category List
    • Featured products  from REST API from Node/Express
    • Single Product page
    • Add To Cart
    • View Cart Page
    • Delete product
    • Update cart
    • Checkout page
    • Paypal Payment Gateway

The question is: Will I be doing all these projects?

If you have time and dedication, you can do all these. If not all these, at least 3 projects you have to do.

Also, it’s not fixed. You can do your own type of projects.

Our trainer does not set you limit; you can do any type of project you want if you can finish that in course time-frame.

If you want to know more about MEAN stack. We have FAQs section also; you read that and then decide.

Moin Ansari : From student to Digital Marketer for his father’s leather business

Moin  Ansari is a student who joined Acesoftech Academy to learn Digital Marketing. His father runs a leather related business. The company name is : . His father was doing business in traditional way, but he thought is he hires someone who can do Digital Marketing for his business then it would be great idea.

Moin told to his father why not I should learn myself so that I will get knowledge as well as I can update and help my own business.

          Moin Khan along with his father came at Acesoftech Academy, after talking with Umar sir his father got impressed and Moin Ansari got mission for digital marketing  course.

He learnt Digital Marketing  along with WordPress and he developed his own website.

Once he started the website and started to work on Digital marketing his father’s business has shown progress.

Moin says that, if my father had hired any digital marketing guy then I could learn anything. But, I learn  Digital Marketing and also doing Digital marketing for my business.

So, for same price, I learnt as well as I  developed and optimized my website.

What  Moin says in his Google comment, let’s check here

Moin says ,” I have done Digital Marketing Course in Kolkata from Acesoftech Academy and I liked it very much. After doing this Digital Marketing Course, I am working on my own business website.”

agrodut kumar mondal bangladesh

Agrodut Kumar Mondal Digital Marketing Expert, Bangladesh

How Agrodut Kumar Mondal became a successful Digital Marketing Executive in less than six months Interview with Agodut Kumar, Bangladesh

Agrodut Kumar is one of the successful candidates from Acesoftech Academy who has done Digital marketing Course and builds a successful career in this field.

He joined our institute on 12/09/2013.  He is from Bangladesh and had came India on student’s visa to get advance and Industrial Digital Marketing Course in India.

After completing the course has been working as freelance Digital Marketer and he handles more than 10 foreign clients related to Digital Marketing.

Acesfotech Academy managed to get hold of him on 8th march 2015 and asked him series of questions ranging from his career to how he succeeded as digital marketing executive.

This interview was conducted with him on 8th march 2015 and here is unedited version of what he replied to queries asked from Aceoftech Academy.

(Note: This interview is provided, verified and approved by Mr. Agrodut Kumar and published with his permission)

Acesoftech: Where are you from Bangladesh I mean from which district?

Agrodut:  I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh

Aceoftech:  Please let us know about your educational background.

Agrodut: I have done B.Com (Hon’s) and also (Management)

Aceoftech: Please tell us the course you have done at  Acesoftech Academy.

Agrodut: I have done Digital Marketing Course from Acesoftech Academy. I have done classroom training.

Aceoftech: Did you face any language problem while getting training?

Agrodut:  No, the teaching medium was Bangla which is my mother tongue.  Also the training was provided in English.

Aceoftech: Did you get quality training from Acesoftech Academy?

Agrodut: Yes, I am really very satisfied with the quality of training I got from Acesoftech Academy.

Aceoftech: Currently you are working in a company?  Or you have your own company or you are working as afreelancer?

Agrodut: I am working as a freelancer.

Aceoftech:  If you compare I.T. of India with Bangladesh, what is the major difference between two countries I.T. wise?

Agrodut  : No doubt , India is  ahead as compared to Bangladesh regarding  I.T. But, my country Bangladesh is also growing fast in I.T. sector and you can find good companies and also professional I.T. peoples here also.

Aceoftech:  Please give some guidance/suggestion to your fellow country youngsters who might be aspiring to build career in I.T. sector.

Agrodut: I am still very small in this field to give suggestions, but I would like to share my little knowledge which I have.  If you want to be a very good and successful marketing executive, you should have good knowledge of on-page SEO, off-page-SEO as well as good sense of internet marketing. Always keep tab of latest technologies and l keep abreast of latest Search Engine’s algorithm change.

Aceoftech:  Since your were from other country and not India, still how was behavior of trainers/students during the training?

Agrodut: Trainers and students all were very co-operative and helpful, especially CEO of Acesoftech Academy Mr Umar sir. He   would take extra  care.

Aceoftech:  Would you like to recommend Acesoftech Academy to friends or other people? If yes then why?

Agrodut: Yes, Because Acesoftech Academy always provides updated training.

Aceoftech:  Since you have done Digital Marketing Course from our Institute, how effective did you find that? And how helpful was that in building your career/business?

Agrodut: All of the trainers trained us according to Google trends and update topics. After taking Digital Marketing Course from Acesoftech Academy. I have been successful Digital Marketer.  I am handing more than 10 foreign clients.

Aceoftech: Please give your opinion about future of Digital Marketing. How effective is this for business development and what is the future of this?

Agrodut :  Digital marketing is one of the best and modern career which opens door of plethora of scopes. If you learn Digital marketing, you can work as an SEO/SMO/SMM executive in any company.

If you have your own business, you can optimize your own website and also fine-tune marketing channels  your business to make that boom.

Aceoftech:  If anyone wants to build a career as Digital Marketer, what would be your suggestions to them?

Agrodut :  If you want  to be a successful Digital Marketing executing, you have to  have patience. You have to study a lot about SEO and Digital Marketing. Focus on modern technique of SEO and Digital marketing. Also, you may join any professional training institute like Acesoftech Academy which provides advance and industrial Digital Marketing Course.

Thank you very much Agrodut Kumar

Acesoftech Academy wishes you a bright future.

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How Hashim Sagir got selected as web developer in Kuwait

How Hashim Sagir got selected as web developer in Kuwait in his ásecond interview only. Hashim Sagir is one of the successful students of Acesoftech Academy.

Hasim-Sagir Heáisáoriginally from Rajasthan and he has been living in Kuwait for last 5áyears. Afterádoing engineering course, it was hard for him to get job. Doing some odd-jobs toásustain he finally decided to do online Web Development course in India. Duringáthe training he told us that he collected 20 institutes from all over India but seeingástroom ng course content, he decided to enroll for web development course atáAcesoftech Academy. He completed his course online living in Kuwait. And finallyáhe got the kind of job which he was looking for.áAfter one year. Acesoftech Academy contacted him, and request him foráinterview.

Below is his interview with Acesoftech Acaddmy.

Interview with Hashim Sagir

Acesoftech: Where are you originally from India? Hashim: – I am from Rajasthan. Acesoftech: Please tell us about your educational background Hashim:- I am Electronic & Communication Engineer. Acesoftech: Which course have you done from Acesoftech Academy? Hashim:- I have done Web Development Course. Which includes HTML , CSS , Php/MySql ,Ajax,Jquery andáWordPress etc. Acesoftech: You did online training or classroom training? Hashim :- I have done online training from Acesoftech Academy. Acesoftech: Generally people are under the impression that online training is notágood because itĺs not easy to understand. Did you face any difficultiesáin online training? Hashim:- Yes before I had same impression but after joining with this wonderful Academy I am completelyásatisfied with this online training .No, I never faced any problem rather I feel that online training is noáless in quality in any way as compared to classroom training. It was like doing a private coaching class.áMost important aspect about online training is that you donĺt have to travel a long distance for going forátraining in classroom. Though classroom training has of course, its own benefit but if you are far fromáinstitute then there is no problem in joining online web development or web design or any trainingáclasses .áI have covered this class staying in Kuwait alongside doing my regular Job. Acesoftech: Please tell the quality of training you got from AcesoftecháAcademy. Hashim:- I am 100% satisfied with the quality of training provided by this institute. Acesoftech: For how long you have been staying in Kuwait? Hashim:- I am in Kuwait from last 5 years. Initially, I was working in no-I.T. Sector, but after doing thisácourse I am doing course in I.T. Company. Acesoftech: In which company did you get Job in Kuwait? Hashim:- Creativity Company, a web development and Mobile application development company in Kuwait. Acesoftech: When did you get selected? Hashimá:- After my online training I got job instantly without any difficulties. Acesoftech: Primarily which kind of task you are given in your daily Job? Hashim:- I am working basically in Html ,Css for web and for mobile webs ite and also I do php/MySql work. Acesoftech: Being not originally from Kuwait, did you face any difficulties in getting Jobáthere? Hashim:- No, Acesoftech Academy experts trained me in such a way that I got selected in my secondáinterview only. Acesoftech: How helpful was the web development course you did in gettingájob? Hashim:- Before, it was not possible to get job in I.T. company, but I learnt and also did project atáAcesfotech Academy which proved be very helpful in cracking the interview. Acesoftech: Please tell our readers the questions you were asked during the interview.áAnd what were asked in machine test, if you remember. This may be helpful foráour students. Hashim:- in oral interview I was mostly asked questions from MySql and PHP also. In Machine test, I wasáasked to solve a problem related to PHP Array. Acesoftech: There are several Indian which want to go to Gulf countries for getting I.T.árelated job. Please give them suggestion what they must prepare before goingáthere. Hashim:- Gulf countries basically want your experience in particular subject what exactly you applied for, . Ifáyou have good knowledge on any subject and you are hardworking then itĺs possible for you to survive. Acesoftech: Please mention your biggest mistake you did in your career whicháshould not have done. Hashim:- When I was in India, I should have done Industrial I.T. training . Doing not so it cost me dearly andámuch of my time was wasted finding web development related course. Finally, I found AcessoftecháAcademy online and joined online course and I got job. Acesoftech: Any message for our students who want to be a successful WebáDeveloper in I.T. Company? Hashim: Please note that training in colleges and universities and real world work, these two are totallyádifferent things. If you get industry exposure then it becomes easy for you to get job. Do project duringáthe training as perfect as possible, that is very beneficial in. Thank you Hashim Sagir Acesoftech Academy wishes a bright future.  

Shazia Hasan – A Successful Website Designer

My two brothers were working in call centre and getting website projects for their companies.

I am Shazia Hassan a student from Maulana Azad college, Kolkata. I have done B.A. and currently working as a website designer at my own small company.

They decided to get me learnt website design so that they can get projects and I can do projects from home.

Since my family members did not allow me to do job outside in any company. So, that was a golden chance for me. Because, after learning I could work from my home and work with my bothers. Also, I could utilize my education.

It took me about 15 days to select where to get website design training in Kolkata.

          I kept searching and compared course details as well as fess. I found that Acesoftech Academy has the best course module as well as low fees.

I enrolled for website design course and learnt the course in 6 months.

I am happy that I got professional training which really helped me in getting the project done.

At our small company we have more than 20 clients and we are planning to expend it.

Thanks to Acesoftech Academy for providing me industry-oriented and professional training.

Sudipto Ghosh – A Successful MEAN stack developer in Kolkata

He search for MEAN stack training in Kolkata and found Acesoftech Academy the best institute for MEAN stack course. He completed the course from here and he also got placement.

Currently he is working at code Warrior technology as a MEAN stack team leader.

He told he was working on PHP, that was good because he would not had to put extra pressure for learning. But, he was feeling stagnant. He wanted to learn new technology.

He further told, “But I was not sure what to learn. I searched on internet and went to Acesoftech Academy and I got suggestion to go for MEAN stack course, because it is very popular technology”.

He added, “Since I already knew JavaScritp and Jquery and did not feel difficulty in learning.”

He got placement as a MEAN stack developer and currently working as MEAN stack team leader.

After learning  his concern was also if he will get chance to work as MEAN stack developer in Kolkata. Since it’s a new technology so there is less but solid career based technology.

          I got placement help also from Acesoftech Academy. It was easy to crack the interview because I did projects there.

I did 3 projects, one in Agnular, second in Angular Node and exress  and MondoDB  as database. The project helped me to grasp in-depth of MEAN stack technology.

“Thanks to Acesoftech Academy for good suggestion and also good training. The training changed my career.”Sudipto Ghosh

Arsalaan Ghaush : A successful Digital Marketer

He has done Masters in Business Administration (MBA in Finance) from Mahatma Gandhi University. He is working in a company called Shiha Afia as a Digital Marketing head and business development manager.

Arsalaan Ghaus, a young, dynamic and fast learner guy currently working in UAE as a digital Marketing business manager. He is an ambitious and positive thinking guy. Originally from Kolkata, India he lives in UAE with family and is well-settled.

He had visited India few months back for one a short leave. Rather than wasting time, he decided to learn Digital Marketing.  He was working on Shiha Afia( website but he was lacking one thing and that was Digital Marketing knowledge.

He searched several Digital Marketing institutes in Kolkata and weighing pros and cons of all the centres which provides Digital Marketing course in Kolkata, he found Acesoftech Academy the best Digital Marketing institutes in Kolkata.

Since our minimum course duration is 3 months for Digital Marketing. But he had only one month time in his hand.

Since, he is a fast learner; he told us that if we give him 5-6 hours daily he can complete the course in one month.

We gave them time and our trainer taught him complete course in one month time. He was very happy and satisfied.

He went back to UAE and started working on the company website. He brought great changes in the website. Company owners are also very happy with his work. He got promoted as Digital Marketing business developer and also his salary hot hiked.

Our CEO, Umar Sir says about him, “Arsalaan is very few students who learnt so fast and he implemented each and everything in website. In spite of having time-crisis he learnt attentively and with dedication”.

Certificates : Google, Facebook etc

After completing the Digital Marketing course, we provided certificate. Apart from that he also completed Google certificates and Facebook blue print certificate.

Check his complete profile here.

Arnab Polley PHP/MySql Web Developer

Arnab Polley has done Jquery Training, WordPress Training,CodeIgniter Training and Drupal Training from Acesoftech Academy.
He knew PHP but it was hard to get Job on the basis of PHP/MySql only.
He went for interview in several companies but he was asked about CMS and also framework.
He was frustrated because he was not getting proper Job on the basis of PHP/MySql only. He came and first question that he posed was if he really will get proper Job after learning these technologies?
Our answer was affirmative and we assured him of 100% Job assistance after completing the course.
No doubt, he is very good mannered and also very intelligent. Hi trainers helped him to learn WordPress, Drupal and CodeIgniter fast.

He completed the course in 2 months and by the time his last course was finished, Acesoftech Academy provided him placement in a company called – Athena e solutions at Garia, Kolkata.

When he came back after selection, he was very happy and thanked trainers and Acesoftech Academy also for efforts to provide quality training.

How Durba Chkaraborty got selected in first Interview in Cognizant

Durba Chakraborty belongs to Salt Lake, Kolkata. She has done M.Tech .

When she came at Acesoftech Academy with her mother, her first question was, “if I get admission at Acesoftech Academy for web development course, will I get a job? “.

She told that she inquired other institutes also which provides web development course but she found our course content strong and up-to-date

She further told,”Sir, as you know there is no dearth of training institutes in Salt Lake, still I came here because after seeing your institute’s course content I was impressed and I thought there is something special which can help me in my career”.

She got enrolled at our institute on 2nd November 2014 and completed the course on   .

She went for interview in February at Cognizant and passed HR round. She also completed technical and also final round and got selected in first week of February 2014.

We also provided her certificate of course completion. She was sleeted in Kolkata but her posting was at Bangalore.

Currently she is working as software/web developer in Bangalore.

When she had come here at our institute for collecting certificate, we had asked her few questions and here are summary of what she has replied.

When asked about her experience about interview at cognizant, she replied ,”Initially I was nervous but I realized that the questions are  not that hard as I had expected, I got relaxed and started to reply with calm and compose”.

When asked about her degree, she replied,”No doubt my degree helped me very much.”

When further asked how Web Development Course helped you to get this Job? To this her reply was,”Doing web development course provided boon for getting the job. It was very helpful in oral interview as well as technical interview”.

Finally we asked her what message you would like to give to our students who aspire to get a career in I.T.

Her reply was,”Work hard, don’t miss your classes, and complete the task at your home. If you don’t know answer to any question in interview doesn’t try to fool. Be honest and tell politely, sorry I don’t know about this.”

We at Acesoftech Academy wish Durba her bright career!