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Hashim Sagir Web Developer, Kuwait

How Hashim Sagir got selected as web developer in Kuwait in his  second interview only. Hashim Sagir is one of the successful students of Acesoftech Academy.

He is originally from Rajasthan and he has been living in Kuwait for last 5 years. After doing engineering course, it was hard for him to get job. Doing some odd-jobs to sustain he finally decided to do online Web Development course in India. During the training he told us that he collected 20 institutes from all over India but seeing stroom ng course content, he decided to enroll for web development course at Acesoftech Academy. He completed his course online living in Kuwait. And finally he got the kind of job which he was looking for. After one year. Acesoftech Academy contacted him, and request him for interview.

Below is his interview with Acesoftech Acaddmy.

Interview with Hashim Sagir

Acesoftech: Where are you originally from India?

Hashim: – I am from Rajasthan.

Acesoftech: Please tell us about your educational background

Hashim:- I am Electronic & Communication Engineer.

Acesoftech: Which course have you done from Acesoftech Academy?

Hashim:- I have done Web Development Course. Which includes HTML , CSS , Php/MySql ,Ajax,Jquery and WordPress etc.

Acesoftech: You did online training or classroom training?

Hashim :- I have done online training from Acesoftech Academy.

Acesoftech: Generally people are under the impression that online training is not good because it’s not easy to understand. Did you face any difficulties in online training?

Hashim:- Yes before I had same impression but after joining with this wonderful Academy I am completely satisfied with this online training .No, I never faced any problem rather I feel that online training is no less in quality in any way as compared to classroom training. It was like doing a private coaching class. Most important aspect about online training is that you don’t have to travel a long distance for going for training in classroom. Though classroom training has of course, its own benefit but if you are far from institute then there is no problem in joining online web development or web design or any training classes . I have covered this class staying in Kuwait alongside doing my regular Job.

Acesoftech: Please tell the quality of training you got from Acesoftech Academy.

Hashim:- I am 100% satisfied with the quality of training provided by this institute.

Acesoftech: For how long you have been staying in Kuwait?

Hashim:- I am in Kuwait from last 5 years. Initially, I was working in no-I.T. Sector, but after doing this course I am doing course in I.T. Company.

Acesoftech: In which company did you get Job in Kuwait?

Hashim:- Creativity Company, a web development and Mobile application development company in Kuwait.

Acesoftech: When did you get selected?

Hashim :- After my online training I got job instantly without any difficulties.

Acesoftech: Primarily which kind of task you are given in your daily Job?

Hashim:- I am working basically in Html ,Css for web and for mobile webs ite and also I do php/MySql work.

Acesoftech: Being not originally from Kuwait, did you face any difficulties in getting Job there?

Hashim:- No, Acesoftech Academy experts trained me in such a way that I got selected in my second interview only.

Acesoftech: How helpful was the web development course you did in getting job?

Hashim:- Before, it was not possible to get job in I.T. company, but I learnt and also did project at Acesfotech Academy which proved be very helpful in cracking the interview.

Acesoftech: Please tell our readers the questions you were asked during the interview. And what were asked in machine test, if you remember. This may be helpful for our students.

Hashim:- in oral interview I was mostly asked questions from MySql and PHP also. In Machine test, I was asked to solve a problem related to PHP Array.

Acesoftech: There are several Indian which want to go to Gulf countries for getting I.T. related job. Please give them suggestion what they must prepare before going there.

Hashim:- Gulf countries basically want your experience in particular subject what exactly you applied for, . If you have good knowledge on any subject and you are hardworking then it’s possible for you to survive.

Acesoftech: Please mention your biggest mistake you did in your career which should not have done.

Hashim:- When I was in India, I should have done Industrial I.T. training . Doing not so it cost me dearly and much of my time was wasted finding web development related course. Finally, I found Acessoftech Academy online and joined online course and I got job.

Acesoftech: Any message for our students who want to be a successful Web Developer in I.T. Company?

Hashim: Please note that training in colleges and universities and real world work, these two are totally different things. If you get industry exposure then it becomes easy for you to get job. Do project during the training as perfect as possible, that is very beneficial in.

Thank you Hashim Sagir

Acesoftech Academy wishes a bright future.