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Angular2/4/5/6 Training Overview

Angular 5 is latest and stable version of Angular. In this course the aspiring candidate will be provided Angular 2and 4 knowledge also. The training will be provided by industry expert trainer who have developed real time applications. Apart from the above said version, we will also cover Angular 6.0 which is the latest release of Angular. The course will be covered with deep knowledge of concept and also practical. The hands on part will include real-life project.

Overview of the Course

Angular is a highly popular framework of Google which is based on JavaScript. Angular Applications are fast, user-friendly and also mobile-friendly. Angular works with HTML and does not require any specific platform to run. It harness the power of JavaScript which itself does not require any software except browser to run. Angular applications are developed using Typescript, which is a Microsoft product. Typescript is superset of JavaScript which provides very easy interface for developing scalable and re-usable Angular Applications. Typescript is anoptimal statically typed language which is based on OOPS. So, anyone who comes from OOPs background will easily grasp this language. You write your code in Typescript and Nodejs convert it into browser readable JavaScript. In this course Typescript is also included. Acesoftech Academy is probably the only training centre in Kolkata which has provided Angular 1.xx training, Angular 2.xx training as well as Angular 5.xx. Acesoftech Academy is a leading IT training centre in India based in Kolkata which provides Advanced and Industrial Angular course in Kolkata as well as online. The trainer:This training will be provided by the trainer who has vast experience Mean Stack development. Project: We lay special focus on project. First you will develop small projects and then finally an e-commerce project in Angular.

Course Material

We provide free Book in PDF and Docs format which is written by our Acesoftech Academy team. The Book covers in-depth study of the course. You will get about 150 page book reading which you will get vast knowledge on Angular 5. Apart from that, you will also get few videos which will l be helpful to understand the course.

Course Objective

The purpose of this course is to pamper our participants to make them develop highly interactive, fast and scalable, user-friendly and modern projects which can run on any device like mobile tablet and desktop alike. Create data driven high-end websites Create single-page applications with which can of the most modern JavaScript frameworks out


The aspiring candidate should have basic knowledge of JavaScript and html. If one has knowledge of OOPS then that will be an added advantage.

  • First, we will start from Typescript
  • Typescript Installation
  • Environment Setup of Typescript
  • Installation and configuration of Visual Studio Code
  • Running Typescript Code in VSC

In this section of the course we will discuss about various types of data types in TypeScripts

  • Arrays
  • Tuples
  • Enum
  • Any and void
  • null and undefined
  • What is Type Inference
  • Type Casting
  • Difference between let and var
  • When to use Const
  • If else
  • Else if
  • Switch statement
  • While Loop
  • Do While Loop
  • Functions without parameter
  • With parameter
  • Optional parameter
  • Default parameters
  • Anonymous functions
  • Lamda or Arrow Functions

In this section of the course you will know about OOPs features of Typescript. Like object, class, inheritance, multiple inheritance etc

  • Constructor method
  • Inheritance of classes
  • Typecasting
  • Type Assertion
  • Static Properties
  • Abstract class

In this section of the course you will learn about interface in Typescript. What is interface and why and where to use interface in Typescript.

  • Duck Typing
  • Interface Implementation by class
  • Interface having Optional Property
  • Class extending another class and also implementing an Interface
  • Excess Property Checks
  • Indexable Types
  • Extending Interfaces

In this module you will know what is Module, how module works and why we write expert for module etc.

  • Export Syntax
  • Import Syntax
  • Re-export
  • Default exports
  • Using require()
  • Declaring and Using Namespaces
  • What is Angular?
  • Why Angular is popular
  • Comparison between 1x,2x,4x and Angular 5
  • Setup for local environment

In this section of the course you will know about Component, what it it and how to create and handle itAnd we can also learn how to create a dynamic component using ngComponentOutlet.

  • What are components?
  • What is Components lifecycle hooks
  • Creating and using components manually and through CLI
  • Dynamic components using ngComponentOutlet

Starting from Angular 1x Angular directives have played big role in handing Angular applications. In this section you will learn what different directives in Angular are.

  • Controll (Built-in Directives (ngIF, ngFor, ngSwitch)
  • Style and Class binding ( ngClass, ngStyle)
  • Host Listener and Host Binding
  • Attribute directives

In this section of the course you will learn about different types of data-binding in angular5, and how we can make use of @input and @output decorators.

  • Property binding and Interpolation(One Way data Binding)
  • Event binding
  • Two-way Binding
  • Use of @Input and @Output

As you know form is important part of any website. So, in this section you will learn how forms are created in Angular. What is template driven forms and what is Model Driven forms as well as what is reactive forms.

  • What NgForm
  • Template Driven Forms Vs Model Driven forms
  • Form with @ViewChild
  • Form Validations
  • Resetting & submitting forms

In this section you will learn more about different types of modules in Angualar.

  • Root App module
  • Ahead-Of-Time(AOT) Compilation
  • Feature modules
  • Lazy Loading a Module
  • Shared Module

In this section Angular Pipes or Angular filter will be covered. From built-pipes to custom pipes

  • Why pipes in Angular
  • Built-in Pipes
  • Custom pipes
  • Pure and Impure pipes

In this section of the course, Angular services will be discussed with example. And we will also learn about very interesting topic Dependency Injection in angular.

  • Creating Service
  • Logger Service
  • $http Service
  • Injectors
  • Providers
  • Tokens

In this section, you will learn more about Angular Routes. How to create routes and use it.

  • Introduction
  • Configuring & Navigating
  • Parameterized routes
  • Small Project with routes

In this module we will create an application with an end-to-end start from the server to client, getting response and requests using HTTP service.

  • Creating Services
  • Creating Components
  • Creating Routings
  • Configuring NgModule
  • Run the application

In this section, you will learn more about Angular Routes. How to create routes and use it.

  • Candidate should have knowledge of HTML/CSS and Javascript.
  • Add Categories
  • Add products
  • Object-Oriented programing knowledge.
  • Home Page
  • Featured Products
  • List category
  • Individual Product
  • Add To Cart
  • Checkout
  • payment
  • Course Duration: 2 Months
  • Class: 3 Days In A Week
  • Mode Of Training: 1. Classroom 2. Online 3. WeekEnd